Does Rachel Let DeMario Come Back On 'The Bachelorette'? She's Already Made A Decision

Michael Yada/ABC

Ah, The Bachelorette: the only show on television that could give this wild of a ride just two weeks in. On Monday night's episode, DeMario's ex showed up, claiming that they were still together (DeMario denied that), and since Rachel's no fool, she immediately sent him home. But then, he came back that night (no shocker there) begging for her mercy. Will that actually change her mind? Does Rachel let DeMario come back on The Bachelorette? The show's keeping us in suspense for now.

I hate (hate!) when The Bachelorette ends with "to be continued," but that's exactly what happened, and now, it's unclear exactly what DeMario's fate is. While Rachel was getting to know her remaining guys better the night after the basketball date that brought all the drama, DeMario showed up, asking security if he could see her. They left it up to Chris Harrison, who will then leave it up to Rachel. According to DeMario, she has no reason to worry. He denied still being in a relationship with the woman who claims they're still together, so if his side of the story is true, he could really be on the show with good intentions. But if not? Rachel could have a lot to lose if she really falls for him.

Obviously, we won't find out for sure whether or not she lets him come back until next Monday, but from what I know about Rachel, I really don't see it happening. She seems like she has her mind made up and didn't hesitate for a second when she told him to go home the first time, so why would her decision change now? Like she said during the awkward confrontation, she doesn't know DeMario well enough to know if he's telling the truth, so why chance it?

Sorry, DeMario, but it looks like your time on The Bachelorette has officially come to an end. I had high hopes for him, so I'm pretty bummed, but Rachel doesn't need anyone with a shady past in the running to become her husband. There are so many awesome guys still in it that I don't doubt she'll find someone amazing to spend her life with — whether DeMario is there or not.