This Is What Became Of 'RHONY' Star Ramona Singer's Jewelry Business

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Ramona Singer has always been a business woman — her first Real Housewives Of New York tagline was, "I make my own money. I find that an aphrodisiac." Now, her ex-husband, Mario, had money, too, but it's admirable how Ramona never wanted to have to depend on anyone else and thus went out to make her own fortune. She's had a few skincare lines and some other questionable ventures, but does Ramona still own True Faith Jewelry on Real Housewives Of New York? Her business is, well, still in business.

When Ramona married Mario, he worked for Classic Medallics, Inc., the Singer family business that started in 1940 with the specialization of religious jewelry and gifts. The company then, in the late 1950s according to its website, got into the business of producing trophies, plaques, and other awards. Ramona and Mario founded True Faith Jewelry together in 2005, probably as a means to provide more fashionable and fine jewelry options to people who wanted religious accessories and personalized gifts. According to its About Us page, True Faith Jewelry offers a wide variety of religious and secular jewelry that's "domestically made," and it all "comes with a guarantee from defective finishing and breakage."

There's no word if Ramona is officially still working with the company — it's not listed as a business on Ramona's official page — but the website still works, and you can still order.

Interestingly enough, Ramona told AdWeek that she and Mario originally signed on to Real Housewives Of New York as a means to promote their then-new business. “We sat down as a family and discussed it with Avery,” she said. “We told her we thought it would be good for her father’s website. I asked her, ‘Don’t you like your tennis lessons and private school?’” Obviously, Ramona and Mario's gamble paid off, because we are still talking about True Faith Jewelry at this very moment. Their relationship may not have survived over a decade of being on Real Housewives Of New York, but the business did!

Right now, Ramona is working on Ageless By Ramona, her skincare line, not to mention clothing for Amazon, and more, but it doesn't mean she's moved away from the jewelry game. According to Bravo, in 2018, Ramona and daughter Avery designed a necklace for domestic violence nonprofit Safe Horizon. On her Instagram Story, Ramona said of the piece, "I designed this piece for Safe Horizon with Encircle, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Safe Horizon. And I have it in this size, and a mini size, so it will be like a mother-daughter [look]."

Ramona's marriage may have crumbled, but her relationship with her daughter is great, and her businesses are doing well. She also seems to be having a wonderful time dating around the city, and it's nice to see that Ramona is still flourishing even after all these years on television. The Real Housewives Of New York star got her start in order to sell her products on television, and it doesn't seem like she'll slow down anytime soon.