Rockstar Has Some Strong Suspicions About Another Houseguest On 'Big Brother'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

In between Sam and Tyler's tearful conversation, Rockstar's horrific mistake during the veto competition, and Fessy beginning to suspect he sided with the wrong team, Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother 20 was chock-full of drama. The most tense moment, however, was when Rockstar accused Kaycee of being the secret hacker. And although the professional football player denied it, her accuser had a one-in-six chance of getting it right — and she did.

But let's back up for a minute: Audiences will recall that Kaycee became the new Mr. Robot impersonator during Sunday night's episode, which allowed her to replace one houseguest on the chopping block. And since it was Angela and herself up for eviction, Kaycee naturally removed herself and put up Rockstar instead. This left the stay-at-home mom in tears, as she'd already been up for eviction several times. The result was Rockstar storming around the Big Brother house, muttering angrily under her breath. And things came to a head when she and Kaycee finally spoke to each other in the kitchen.

Now, only the Level Six members knew definitively who the secret hacker was. However, since Kaycee got taken off the chopping block, Rockstar became rightfully suspicious of the hacker's identity. But she didn't go about her hunch in the most mature way, and Kaycee convincingly denied her allegations. "Don’t come at me," the football player said, defensively. "I did not win." Rockstar became agitated that the Level Six member had sworn at her, saying, "I ain't cuss at you — you cussed at me. So watch your mouth." The Hive member then followed her into the other room. "But that's how I talk, period, O.K.?" Kaycee said. "I'm a grown-*ss woman, I can talk however I want." Ironically, they were both sipping cups of tea, which seems fitting. Too bad neither of them spilled any.

The two houseguests never resolved their disagreement during the episode, and after Rockstar made a truly awful mistake during the veto competition, she may not get the chance to smooth things over. Not that she wants to — at the end of the episode, it was her and (you guessed it) Kaycee back on the chopping block again. After Tyler won the power of veto, he decided to save his friend, Angela. As the current HoH, Haleigh decided to give Kaycee the old heave-ho back up next to her teammate again. The wheel is truly come full circle on BB20.

All that said, Rockstar didn't have a great attitude this episode. "Rockstar could make a mountain out of all the salt she has," Reddit user BallDontNotLie said. It's true that she's been on the block several times, but as Kaycee pointed out during their spat, "Welcome to Big Brother." What's more, they're on opposite sides of the house and have been since day one — Kaycee in Level Six and Rockstar in The Hive/FOUTTE. So if Kaycee wasn't targeting Rockstar, she'd only have a few other options: Fessy, Scottie, and maybe JC.

Speaking of Fessy, he's starting to get fed up with Rockstar's abysmal track record during veto competitions. "We’re like the bad news bears," the substitute teacher said in his DR. "How did I get stuck with these people?" So whoever is evicted next from the house, either Level Six or The Hive will be losing a teammate. And while Rockstar never found out definitively that Kaycee was the secret hacker, her hunch was right on target. But her rotten attitude may have cost her the game.

And that's the tea.