Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette Tastes As Good As You'd Imagine

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced is known for combining two of your favorite things: food and makeup. They’ve created everything from chocolate-scented eyeshadows to peach-smelling blushes. Most of the world can attest to the fact that these products smell amazing, but thanks to a Reddit post, beauty lovers now know that Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette actually tastes like chocolate, too.

Reddit user finallyinfinite posted “Today I accidentally found out that the Too Faced chocolate bar palette actually does taste sweet.” So, these palettes are just as pleasing to the taste buds as you’d imagine them to be — just in case you were wondering. Once the comments came rolling in, it was revealed that this user wasn’t the only person to have ever tried tasting the Too Faced scented makeup.

Whether it was accidental, on purpose or, you know, accidentally on purpose, people haven’t been able to help themselves to a little extra helping of Too Faced. Considering their chocolate products are infused with actual cocoa powder and their peach products are made using the essence of the juicy fruit, I’m not surprised that they’re completely delicious. But, now the Internet’s officially confirmed my suspicion.

Good to know, I suppose.


This is helpful information, in case of an apocalypse or something a little less serious like, say, powder fallout.


People may only just have found out about this, but our pets already knew what was up.

I mean, if the rest of the online world is trying this, might as well give it a try for yourself, right?

Makeup that's also yummy? That's double the goodness.

Oh and the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer? Well, it tastes like... you guessed it!

Courtesy Too Faced Cosmetics

Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette, $49, Too Faced Cosmetics

This shadow range looks, smells and tastes like a chocolate bar. Does it get any better than that?

Courtesy Too Faced Cosmetics

Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette, $49, Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced has got plenty of tasty beauty treats where that came from, too. Want some peach-flavored items in your makeup bag? Scoop this palette up, stat.

If makeup that's good enough to eat is your thing, then you definitely need to shop the Too Faced Brand. Check out their website to see all of the deliciousness they have to offer. Maybe just don't, like, actually eat your makeup.