Is Vanessa Single After 'The Bachelor'? Her Silence Is Telling Of Her Status

Phillippe Bosse/ABC

The rise of social media has really screwed up the game for Bachelor Nation. Now, not only do the producers have to worry about loose lips sinking ships of whole Bachelor seasons, but they also have to make sure that the contestants don’t post anything at all that could spoil the results of the show. I am sure that over the years the non-disclosure agreements have gotten tighter and tighter, lest we have another contestant ruin a season on Snapchat like Kaitlyn Bristowe did. But all of this online secrecy doesn’t stop me from snooping and wondering — I run a mean amateur private investigation game when it comes to The Bachelor and its contestants. It’s with that that I wanted to take a look at the remaining contestants and ask is Vanessa single after The Bachelor?

This Canadian beauty who speaks three languages and is a special education teacher is basically too good to be true. She’s smart, she’s mysterious, she’s beautiful, and she can get you to a bathroom basically no matter country you’re in. That’s helpful no matter how you slice it. Nick Viall seems to like Vanessa a lot, too. They’ve been on two one-on-one dates so far this season, which is a lot considering that some of the women haven’t gotten any one-on-one dates (sorry, Corinne). The first was an astronaut experience thing in which you’re put in zero-g gravity and float around. It was fun until Vanessa had to puke, but Nick kissed her even after she threw up in a bag, so that has to count for something, yeah? The second date was just the two of them lying on a yacht, and it wasn’t as successful as the first. Vanessa confessed her loving feelings to Nick, and let’s say they weren’t exactly reciprocated. It’s not that Nick doesn’t have feelings for her, but it’s that he couldn’t really say them out loud yet. Not every Bachelor has to be like Ben Higgins and say “I love you” to all of his contestants. It doesn’t really work like that. Vanessa left disappointed, but she got a hometown date, and that’s a good sign.

Now that filming is over and all of the contestants are left to their own devices, I took a look at Vanessa’s social media to see if we could get any hints about her relationship status with Nick. Honestly, I didn’t find much either way. Vanessa doesn’t post nearly as much as the other women that are left on The Bachelor. Maybe it is because she’s older and isn’t into the social game, but could it also be that she’s being secretive and trying to hide her status? Other contestants on The Bachelor like Rachel and Alexis post up a storm, and they have a ton of pictures with the other Bachelor women, hanging out as pals. Vanessa doesn’t have nearly as many — the pics she has from The Bachelor are of her and Nick.

What does that mean? Is that a sign of things to come? Will Vanessa be the one who Nick shows off on After The Final Rose? I don’t know. Because so many people on The Bachelor share everything and Vanessa is not sharing much, I’m inclined to think that maybe it’s because she’s contractually obligated not to.