The "Fairy Dogfather" Is A Real Thing & He Wants To Train Your Dog On TV

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Whenever you see people in the park with dogs who are bratty AF, it is easy to think "if I had a dog it would never behave like that". Thing is though, those little beasts are seriously strong willed. When I say seriously I mean you might wonder what the hell you have got yourself into. OK so puppy school. That's a thing right? But that's expensive and also what if your dog is very much not a puppy and it feels too late? Well guys, here's Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly applications are open, and if you have a manic mutt — this might be about to make your day.

The show is all about teaching those naughty little fluff balls to behave and has self-proclaimed "Dogfather" Graeme Hall at the helm. In the show, he seeks to find solutions to the age old problem of a naughty dog. No, not rehoming it, ort training the eff out of it. The series has been going since January 2019 and has been a real insight into Hall's dog behaviour expertise. And let's be real, not a dry eye in the house when he trains dogs to be very good boys/girls.

Stop it, you're crying.

Applying to be on the show is as easy as pie. Just pop on over to the Channel 5 website and get in touch with the production company behind the show.

"If you need Graeme's help with your dog's bad behaviour and would like to take part in the next series of Dogs Behaving Very Badly please contact the production team at dogs@avalonuk.com or call 020 7598 7365."

So I guess before you get an expert in you will be keen to get a grasp on this gentleman's credentials. Well, according to his website, he has worked all over the UK. And as of May 26 he has worked with 5019 dogs. Yikes, OK this guy is serious about making your doggy be on its best behaviour.

The services offered cater to the problems your dog is facing and they do not adopt a one size fits all type of attitude.

"Each unique combination deserves a solution that is tailor-made for you, your dog (or puppy), and your circumstances."

In the last season of the show, Hall made himself a household name with his incredible dog taming skills. A few dogs that really stood out in the first season. Take for example lovely collie Bella. Well I mean, lovely on the inside but on the outside low key aggressive psycho. Her aggression problems had become so bad that by the time the Dogfather was called in things were already out of hand. Her Sheffield based owners were unable to have guests round or to bring her out because she was so angry. And did he work his magic? Did he ever.

Just like he did with a really sweet terrier called Marney. OMG Marney kills me. Basically after helping her owner through a really tough break up she refused to allow anyone else into her owner's life. Which I guess is super annoying and needs to be sorted but also like — awww Marney!

No news on when applications close but find out how to enter here.