Wow, The 'BB19' Contestants Really Don't Like Dom

Sonja Flemming/ CBS

Another crazy week in Big Brother land has come to a close. Since Jason did not use his Power of Veto, Jessica and Dominique remained on the block this week. Thanks to a Paul-induced movement, a lot of the house guests were rallying to vote out Dominique. Jessica was sitting on the block because of her unfortunate association with Cody. In the end, Dominique got evicted from Big Brother 19 in a total landslide.

Dominique received 10 votes and Jessica received none. Upon getting eliminated, Julie told her that there was a chance that she could battle her way back into the house — but that would be so awkward going back into the house to "work with" people who all wanted to send you home.

After Paul was put off by her questions from her fake talk show, he set out to get Dom out of the house. She called him a snake. He decided to wear Christmas' snake print dress in retaliation. It was such a hot mess and since Dom did not win the Halting Hex Temptation, she pretty much had no chance at surviving in the house.

Paul's campaign against Dominique clearly worked, but she didn't do herself any favors by calling out Paul and Elena in her speech during the veto ceremony.

Poor Dom. Maybe she will get redemption by winning the Battle Back competition. But, considering that nobody, and I mean nobody wanted her in the house, it would be pretty awkward if she did.