Mark Got Unexpectedly Emotional On 'BB19'

Monty Brinton/CBS

This season of Big Brother has been full of surprises, but none may be more shocking than the revelation that Mark and Dominique are apparently close friends. So close, in fact, that the thought of losing Dominique left Mark crying in the Big Brother 19 Diary Room. Fans of the broadcast show may have been surprised to learn that they were such close friends, but live feed viewers know that Mark and Dominique's friendship has been strong since the beginning.

The biggest challenge of Big Brother is turning 168 hours across multiple cameras each week into three hours of broadcast footage. As such, some stories and friendships get more focus than others. All fans are aware of the showmance and friendship between Mark and Elena, but, in telling that story, the show sacrificed telling Mark and Dominique's story.

Mark and Dominique's friendship grew over games of chess, and Dom became Mark's main non-showmance confidant in the house. While their relationship hasn't led to any major moves in the game or an alliance, it still provided an emotional foundation for Mark. Now that Dom is likely being evicted, however, Mark is feeling much more alone in the house — and his emotions got the best of him on Wednesday.

Mark's biggest anxiety about his friendship with Dom used to be that Elena would get jealous. However, Mark couldn't predict that Dominique would become Paul's main target in the house after Cody swayed Paul's thinking. Why Paul trusted the one person who wanted him out of the house more than anyone else is unclear, but Cody's words obviously left an impact on him. Paul may think evicting Dominique is a safe move, but it could be the very move that sends Mark after him and eventually sends Paul home...