Trump Jr. Is Posting His Workouts & Haircuts On Instagram Now

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We all handle big breakups differently, but one thing that many newly single people tend to go after is change — specifically of the self-improvement variety. And if Instagram stories are anything to go by, then the newly single Donald Trump Jr. might be on a self-improvement kick after the announcement of his split with Vanessa Trump, his wife of 12 years and the mother of his five children.

Trump Jr. posted two stories on his Instagram over the weekend that point to a change or two on the physical front. "Nothing like #crossfit in 100% humidity. Hit it hard today!!!" Trump Jr. wrote over a photo of his very sweaty face. Another story showed him at a barbershop, ostensibly getting rid of the "mullet"-like haircut that has defined his look for a while now.

"Time to chop the mullet off #haircut," he wrote. The photo shows only his head and a mirror behind it, with a hand and a comb above it.

No photos like these made Trump Jr.'s actual Instagram feed, which has recently consisted mostly of photos of his children, hunting shots, or more politically minded fare. However, it's certainly possible that the public can deduce something about this somewhat mysterious member of the Trump clan just from his Instagram stories.

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He's always been a guy who likes his privacy and me-time, as evidenced by his posts about solitary hunting trips. It makes sense, then, that he would want to do something for himself while rumors swirl about what led to his and Vanessa's divorce. Vanessa filed the divorce papers, and there have been many suggestions pointing to various elements of Trump's behavior prompting her to do that.

Being the first son might have taken a toll on Trump Jr.'s behavior, with some reports saying that his new position had made him miserable. He also has gained a somewhat nasty reputation on Twitter by doing things like favoriting tweets promoting conspiracy theories about the Parkland school shooting survivors. The couple released a statement about their divorce asking for privacy as they go through the process, so it certainly follows that all of the additional scrutiny on their family since getting that connection to the presidency might have added a fair amount of stress.

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Trump Jr. might also be engaging in a little self-improvement as a way of dealing with another rumor that has come to light after Vanessa filed the divorce papers. He's rumored to have had an affair with Aubrey O'Day in 2011, when she was a contestant on The Apprentice. The alleged affair ended in 2012 when Vanessa found evidence of communication between Trump Jr. and O'Day, and it's only come out in public now. If Vanessa is bothered by these reports, she hasn't been taking it out on Trump Jr. or on their children; the pair have been seen together at Mar-A-Lago since news of the divorce broke, and they remain connected on social media.

It seems unlikely that a couple that appreciates their privacy so much will ever reveal what exactly led to their divorce, but Trump Jr.'s social media persona is at least a way to see into how he's handling things now. While his Instagram stories offer evidence that he's turning a new page on a personal level, his Twitter feed is full of pretty much the same stuff that you will have come to expect — posts about his kids side by side with political attacks. However, self-improvement is a process, and of course divorce is difficult for anyone — so maybe after the stress of it passes for Trump Jr., he'll focus a little bit more on his CrossFit and a little bit less on rehashing the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election on Twitter as well.