Donald Trump's Navy Secretary Nominee, Philip Bilden, Has Withdrawn From Consideration

On Sunday, Donald Trump's Navy secretary nominee Philip Bilden withdrew his name from consideration for the role, releasing a statement saying that he would be unable to meet the requirement of the ethics office. His statement said:

Bilden served as an intelligence officer in the Army reserves from 1986 until 1996, and went on to become a venture capitalist in Asia, and retired from HarbourVest partners in 2017. Trump nominated him for the role on Jan. 25, and rumors of his potential withdrawal began last week.

In response to the withdrawal, Secretary of Defense James Mattis also issued a statement, saying:

The role of the secretary of the Navy is essentially to act as the CEO of that arm of the military. While the person who takes the position must be five years removed from military service, perhaps Mattis will recommend someone who has closer ties to the military than Bilden, given that the nominee had not served in 21 years.