Feminist Donation Subscriptions To Sign Up For

by Kiersten Hickman

If you are super motivated to make a huge difference this month in honor of Women’s History Month in March — as well as International Women’s Day on Mar. 8 — then I am very proud. Giving back and making a difference matters. But, what's even better is committing to that same giving spirit all year. If this strikes your fancy, then maybe you would be interested in monthly donation subscriptions for Women’s History Month to honor those who fought for what is right.

After all, we are living in a world of subscriptions. Netflix, Spotify, Blue Apron...since you are already budgeting out an amount towards your monthly subscriptions, then why not add another to the mix that will give back to the not only the community, but women that are in need of your help?

Now, if you’re trying to closely budget and can’t seem to fit in another subscription, then maybe take some time to evaluate your current subscriptions. Is there anything you could give up for a few months, maybe a year? If you value helping others and making a difference, shouldn’t that be right up there with your TV streaming subscription?

It may seem small, but financial contributions do make a huge difference for these organizations, and every month you can rest easy with the fact that you are still helping to make a difference … even if you’re the busiest person in the world who never seems to have time to join a protest.


Win is a New York-based organization that comes alongside homeless women and children to provide them with safe housing, services, and programs that help them towards financial independence. Donate here.


Ultraviolet is fighting for women’s right and against sexism inside the world of health care, reproductive rights, and racial justice. Donate here.


RAINN founded the National Sexual Assault Hotline, while also providing resources to women who have experienced rape, incest, and abuse of any kind. Donate here.

Cause Box

When you subscribe for Cause box you receive socially conscious products each season, and a portion of that money go towards donating meals and supporting artisan groups around the globe. Sign up here.

Emily’s List

Want more democratic, pro-choice women in office? This organization makes sure that those women are elected! Sign up for monthly donations and be a part of history. Donate here.

National Women’s Law Center

Donations towards the National Women’s Law Center goes towards providing opportunities and resources for women that will protect and promote equality. Donate here.

Anchor Of Hope Box

Another subscription box that gives back! Anchor of Hope is full of goods that are actually made by survivors of human trafficking and refugees. By subscribing, you are providing them with work and chances to become financially and emotionally supported. Sign up here.

Live Your Dream

No dreams should be crushed, especially women with big dreams that can someday change the world. Live Your Dream makes sure this becomes a reality by providing women with resources and skills that will empower them to reach for the stars.

Women For Women International

Women for Women International actually has a monthly subscription that allows you to sponsor a woman in need. Every month your money will support a woman in a year-long training program that will give her tools and resources to provide for herself and her family. Donate here.

Square Hue

This nail polish subscription box is also helping those in human sex trafficking, but this time the money goes towards combatting the injustice of human slavery. Their slogan: Color your nails. Change the world. Sign up here.

Running Start

Lastly, Running Start is motivating young women to get involved with politics. Help support future politicians and get more women into those positions by donating every month to Running Start. Donate here.