These Designer Bags Feature Disney's Most Iconic Pups & It's Too Cute For Words

Dog lovers, prepare yourselves. Dooney & Bourke is making a handbag just for you. In Disney movies, one can always find a bevvy of princesses and villains, and fairy godmothers and quirky best friends. But it's the animal sidekicks who always become memorable fan-favorites. And that's what the high end label aims to commemorate with their new bag collection, which is an ode to the famous dogs throughout Disney history.

Dooney & Bourke's Disney Dogs collection is going to treat the most obsessed of animal lovers to three different kinds of bags, all featuring a dizzying print of our favorite animated pets. There will be a fold-over crossover bag, a small and adorable crossbody bag, and a tote which will be big enough to carry everything from school books to office necessities to kid's snacks.

But the true winners in this collection aren't the widely-spanning bag sizes (though that's super convenient), but rather the playful prints. Set on a baby blue background, Disney fans are treated to a tumble of the most famous Disney dogs and sidekicks. And there are a ton.

Foldover Zip Crossover Bag, $178

The dogs featured in the collection are as follows: Little Brother from Mulan; Nana from Peter Pan; scrappy Max from The Little Mermaid; everyone's favorite couple, Lady and Tramp; Copper from Fox and the Hound; Toby from The Great Mouse Detective (what a throwback!); Percy from Pocahontas; Dug from Up; the aspiring super dog-hero, Bolt; the faithful Bruno from Cinderella, Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians; Pluto and his two successive girlfriends, Fifi and Dinah; jealous little Winston from the animated short Feast; and lastly Dodger, Tito, and Georgette from Oliver and Company. Phew! That's a star-studded list of pups.

But that's not all. It gets even cuter, if you can believe it. While these main pups are the OG Disney dogs, the designer also threw in a few "honorary" pups into the mix. For example, you can spot Stitch, who was supposed to be Lilo's first dog from the pound, and then the footstool from Beauty and the Beast, who was a pupper before he got a spell cast over him. Are you crying over how sweet this is?

The light blue bags are accented with brown leather straps and silver hardware, making this childhood-throwback seem a little more grown up and elegant.

If you want to nab one of these bags for yourself, right now they are available in the Shop Disney app, and in stores at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. To give you a closer look at the heart warming capsule line, check out the selections below.


Foldover Zip Crossover Bag

Foldover Zip Crossover Bag, $178

Sporting a stylish tassel and silver hardware, this bag is perfect for everyday use. It's roomy enough so that it can fit a bevvy of things inside — from your wallet to your cellphone to a small notebook and whatever else you need to carry to survive the day.


Ambler Crossbody Bag

Ambler Crossbody Bag, $248

A little more fashion forward and playful, this compact crossbody bag has a vintage-like flair to its silhouette. It looks like the type of bag you could have nabbed in D&B back in the '50s and '60s, which makes it all the more special.



Tote, $268

For those that don't mess around with wimpy little purses and instead opt for an all-purpose tote, Disney has your back. You can get the print on a big leather tote, and the extra surface space allows you to see the dogs clearer and in reoccurring order. If your dog obsession doesn't get through with this bag, then you're out of options.

If you have a soft spot for Disney dogs, definitely check out the Disney app and see if you could nab one of these bags and make them part of your purse collection.