John Mahdessian & His Snoopy Scarf Say Goodbye To 'RHONY'

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Say goodbye to Dorinda Medley's boyfriend and his Snoopy scarf, because John Mahdessian isn't on Real Housewives of New York City anymore. That's right, you won't be seeing the man who Sonja Morgan once asked, "What are you doing here without Dorinda?!", on Season 9. To be clear, this doesn't mean they aren't a couple, it just means they decided the dry cleaning businessman no longer appearing on the Bravo show is best when it comes to their relationship.

It was a decision Medley and Mahdessian mutually agreed on, she told Entertainment Tonight. "Listen, you learn a great lesson," she said. "I actually thought about it. I can't think of any couple on the Housewives that it's been successful for … If you look at the track record, it's separating church and state a little bit. I think it's healthy to be able to do this, go home and have somebody who's not part of it."

That makes complete sense. Plus, it gives Medley more time to shine all on her own. That's actually something the Housewife is looking forward to. "You know what, he doesn't need to be on," she admitted. "He doesn't. Also, too, I felt like it was distracting from me, the audience getting to see me, and me getting to really get involved with the girls, because I felt like I was protecting and managing him."

Amen, Medley. Amen. And Mahdessian's departure might make some fans happy, especially since he hasn't exactly been a fan-favorite from the get-go. Remember when he had that confrontation with Bethenny Frankel in Season 8? Yeah, viewers weren't exactly "Team John" on that one.

Overall, his absence sounds like a good thing for both Medley and fans.