Drake's 'More Life' Playlist Track Listing, Ranked

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Drake finally blessed us all with the release of his highly-anticipated More Life playlist on Saturday night and, naturally, fans and music lovers alike are going bananas over it. The rapper previously announced his plans for the project, originally set to be released in December, during an October episode of OVO Sound Radio. He spent most of this past week teasing its release, finally announcing via Instagram that the official date was March 18, and now that it's finally here, a ranking of Drake's More Life songs is in order.

You can stream the new playlist via Spotify or Apple Music, or buy it on Amazon or iTunes. If you decide to do this, you'll find that More Life was definitely worth the wait. The playlist is loaded with collaborations with some of the top names in hip-hop, as well as a few U.K. artists like Giggs, Sampha, and Skepta. Not to mention that, upon taking a listen to a handful of songs on the playlist, one could easily conclude that More Life is a hybrid, 22-track body of work that wonderfully mixes multiple different genres, from trap to house music. There are so many amazing gems on the tracklist, and it's only right that they be ranked.

22. "Nothings Into Somethings"

At just two and a half minutes, “Nothings Into Somethings” offers very little besides a Bryson Tiller-esque melody.

21. "4422"

"4422" sees Drake pair, once again, with British singer-songwriter Sampha, whose vocals the rapper used in the 2013 song, "Too Much." It's a soulful song, but there isn't much to it, as the highlight is that the track mostly features Sampha's vocals.

20. "Jorja Interlude"

As one of two interludes on More Life, "Jorja Interlude" uses the unique vocals of Jorja Smith before blending into the dance track that follows, "Get It Together."

19. "Lose You"

"Lose You" sounds a lot like a track that would have been featured on 2013's Nothing Was the Same, with a simple, electric beat accompanied by some emotional bars from Drake.

18. "Glow" (feat. Kanye West)

"Glow" is pretty much a song in which every lyric must be screamed. No exceptions. After Drake and Kanye West battle to out-sing each other, the song ends with a killer sample of Earth, Wind + Fire.

17. "Can't Have Everything"

"Can't Have Everything" features a nice flow from the rapper, but the real star of the song may just be Drake's mom, whose voice he included close to the end.

16. "No Long Talk" (feat. Giggs)

The first of two features with Giggs, "No Long Talk" is a short but brilliant collaboration with the U.K. rapper.

15. "Teenage Fever"

Well, it's nice to finally have an idea of what Drake and J.Lo were doing together after all. On "Teenage Dream," the rapper's lyrics about a failed relationship seem to blend perfectly with a sample of Lopez's hit "If You Had My Love."

14. "Since Way Back" (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

Clocking in at six minutes, PND provides some soft vocals for this slow jam that later transitions into another beat that Drake later sings over.

13. "KMT"

The rapper follows up "Teenage Fever" with a heavy-hitting track featuring U.K. rapper, Giggs.

12. "Free Smoke"

"Free Smoke" provides More Life with a strong opening, as the song features a slight jab at Meek Mill with the lyrics, "How you let the kid fighting ghostwriting rumors turn you into a ghost," and even a bit about drunk texting J.Lo.

11. "Do Not Disturb"

"Do Not Disturb" closes out the project with a slow tempo and a simple flow from the rapper.

10. "Sacrifices" (feat. 2 Chainz & Young Thug)

Not to be confused with Big Sean's Migos-assisted song of the same name, "Sacrifices" features standout verses from Young Thug, whose lyrics you may be surprised to actually be able to understand in this song, and 2 Chainz.

9. "Ice Melts" (feat. Young Thug)

A second track aided by Young Thug, "Ice Melts" is an upbeat tune that mixes trap beats with Caribbean-inspired melodies.

8. "Portland" (feat. Quavo & Travis Scott)

With songs like Future's "Mask Off" and 2 Chainz's "Big Amount," which Drizzy was also featured on, we should know by now that you can't go wrong when adding a flute to a rap song — and this collaboration with Travis Scott and Quavo further proves that.

7. "Skepta Interlude"

Another featured artist, Skepta, was given a chance to shine on the playlist's second interlude — and the U.K. rapper did not disappoint.

6. "Gyalchester"

Positioned behind a few of the playlist's more dancehall-inspired songs, "Gyalchester" provides a brief change in sound with its incorporation of a killer trap beat.

5. "Madiba Riddim"

Drake first took a dive into using afrobeats with a few tracks on Views, and "Madiba Riddim" is a glorious, uptempo track that proves the rapper has no plans on curbing this interest.

4. "Blem"

Another track with a dancehall style feel, "Blem" is more or less More Life's version of "One Dance" and, given the success of the latter song, I'm not exactly mad at it.

3. "Get It Together" (feat. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith)

"Get It Together" is a club hit that sees Drake, with the help of Black Coffee and Jorja Smith, experimenting with house music in a way that works extremely well, as Jorja Smith's vocals beautifully glide over the beat.

2. "Fake Love"

"Fake Love" may be six months old, but there's no denying that, even alongside its newly released counterparts, it's still a hit that has yet to get old.

1. "Passionfruit"

"Passionfruit" definitely has what it takes to be summer hit. It isn't exactly an uptempo song like a few of the others on the playlist, but its tropical sound gives it a feel-good vibe that should be enough to make you want to grab a pina colada and dance.