Dua Lipa's MAJOR Hair Transformation Will Leave You Desperate To Update Your 'Do

by Aoife Hanna
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pop goddess Dua Lipa is a style icon in her own right. She could pretty much wear a bin bag and still make it work. However, over the last 24 hours, she's undergone a pretty huge transformation. Although the singer is famous for her sleek dark brown locks, Dua Lipa's gone blonde. Yes, really. So what's my verdict? Well, I think this could very well be her boldest move yet and honestly, I am totally feeling it.

She unveiled her brand new look by posting a picture on Instagram on Thursday. Tellingly, Lipa tagged the location as New York, meaning this new look must be fresh out of the Big Apple. Very glamorous and super exciting, it must have been a real mission to turn her naturally dark tresses that platinum. I'm guessing she probably spent a good few hours in the salon to achieve this look.

In the photo, only the lower part of her face is shown, along with what can only be described as an incredible manicure. I mean like, we all know checker board is in, but on nails? Yeah, that is pretty freakin' good. Not to mention all of that gorgeous jewellery. To be honest, it is an actual miracle anyone noticed the flipping hair with so much going on.

Of course, Lipa is never one to post a picture without a good old caption. Underneath this snap, she wrote: "Her name is Electricity... and you’ll meet her soon enough."

Erm, what does that even mean? Could it be a hint about a new track? Maybe she's doing a Beyoncé, and Electricity is her version of Sasha Fierce? Or, maybe this is all a ruse and the new blonde tresses are just a wig that she has for some reason named Electricity? Oh the possibilities. You just don't know really, as she certainly is one for surprises. I asked her rep if they could elaborate any further but unfortunately, I've not heard back as of yet.

Speaking to NME in May, Lipa spoke about her current music projects.

"I started writing it at the beginning of the year. I guess when I’m touring it’s quite tricky to find time to write, but I’ll be writing a lot again during the middle and end of this year. I’ve got some surprises coming this year but I’ll try and put out my own new music next year".

Well, I don't mean to create a buzz but why the heck not?! Could this new look be relating to her new album?! Some of her 15.7 million followers (OMG) also suggested this. Follower @painlessmoon said: "Pls let "electricity" be a new song x.x." Another follower @juliajchua added: "Is that the name of ur new song??"

On both her Twitter account and her Instagram account on Wednesday, Lipa celebrated her empowering anthem New Rules going platinum for the third time. So maybe platinum blonde for a triple platinum track? Just saying.

Wig or no wig, new track or no new track, whatever the reasoning is behind this new look, needless to say it is incredible. Ms Lipa congrats on the triple platinum success, and congrats on keeping us all hooked with your incredible sense of style.