'Stranger Things' Fans Demanded This Museum Make A New Version Of Dustin's Vintage Sweatshirt

by Kali Borovic

There's been tons of Stranger Thing 2 merch released in honor of the show's launch. Stores like Target, ASOS, and even Etsy have tons of different styles available, but the most must-have item isn't what you might expect. According to Teen Vogue, Dustin's dinosaur sweatshirt is the most popular merch item from the new season. Yes, you read that right. The must-have merch doesn't even have the show's name on it, and highlights an animal that's not even a demogorgon.

Anyone can buy a shirt with their favorite show's name or characters on it. And with Stranger Things 2, there is a lot of it out there. But a true fan goes with the classic on-screen style. In this case, fans are opting for the bright purple sweatshirt from The Science Museum of Minnesota. The top is worn by Dustin in the second season of the show. It has the skeleton of a Brontosaurus on it with the words "Thunder Lizard" underneath.

The catch, however, was the vintage sweatshirt wasn't still being made by the museum. That is, until fans stepped in.

According to the Star Tribune, the bright purple sweatshirt is so popular that people wouldn't leave the nonprofit museum gift shop alone until they restocked it. The publication reports that 600 sweatshirts were sold out in just hours, after people caught on to where it came from. That makes for a staggering $400,000 in sales

“Social media went crazy and the museum was flooded with calls from fans eager to buy the hoodie, so the Science Museum quickly set in motion manufacturing the apparel again," the publication reports.

Courtesy Netflix

According to the museum's website, there are currently three different options available to purchase online. In addition to the classic hooded sweatshirt that Dustin wears on-screen, you can also snag a crewneck and a T-shirt option. There's sizing for adults, ranging from small to 3X, toddlers, and child sizing, too. Because if there's nothing else that the world learned from Stranger Things, it's that there are science-lovers of all shapes and sizes.

If this shirt comes as a surprise for you, I suggest rewatching the season. It's no secret that these kids love science. In the first season, they trick their science teacher into telling them how to find the Upside Down. The second season features the same teacher and dives a little bit deeper into their AV Club.

All in all, it's really no shocker that Dustin would be a massive fan of his local science museum. Of course, it is a shock that the rest of the world would jump on the bandwagon, too. Here's hoping that this spikes interest in the actual museum, not just the shirt.

Adult Thunder Lizard Sweatshirt, $36.95,

According to their website, the Science Museum of Minnesota's website if a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. So even if you don't go visit the museum, you're still working towards funding a great science center for everyone with the sweatshirt purchase. The gift shop page says that "proceeds from your purchase support the museum's ongoing educational and research efforts."

It's also a great time to visit your own local science museum. Because if Dustin can make it cool, then there's a good chance that you can too.

Adult Crewneck Thunder Lizard T-Shirt, $19.95,

It doesn't look like the shirt is going anywhere anytime soon. According to the Star Tribune, there will be more sizing coming on Nov. 14.

Whether you're looking to stock up for your love of Stranger Things or just help out a charitable cause, you really can go wrong with this unexpected superfan merch.