Easy April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your Roommates

Whenever I think about the fact that I live with a bunch of roommates, I admit that I don't think on it all that fondly — which honestly makes my roommates perfect victims for April Fool's Day pranks. Because when I think of my roommates, I think of the endless heap of dishes in the sink. I think of the perpetually empty toilet paper tower. I think of the conglomerate multicolor hair ball in the shower drain. I think of the collection of razors that outnumbers the collection humans living in the apartment. I think of collection of half drunk milk cartons crowding the fridge. I think of the sound of everyone's alarm clock going off at a different time in the morning, only to come back on again for a few snooze cycles. I think of the toiletry stalemate when we run out of soap and try to out wait each other. It's about high time I got some payback.

So, to be clear, I don't think of my roommate situation with hearts in my eyes and warm fuzzy feelings. While I love my roommates as sisters, the reminder that I still have to live with friends as I head into my 30s is just a reminder that adulthood is more expensive than I ever imaged, and New York City living is not at all how it looks in the movies.

So, once I reached the realization that April Fools Day is coming up, I think of my roommates with a new perspective: they're about to become the victims of ruthless pranking. And now, evil hearts have arrived in my eyes. Finally, a chance for hairball and toilet-paperless payback!

Toilet Paper Fake Out

To once and for all get back at your roommates for never refilling the toilet paper supply, glue the top of the toilet paper so that it gets stuck on itself. They'll end up shredding the whole thing apart before they realize they've been pranked.

Creepy Crawlers

Fake bugs. Everywhere. Get them at your local craft store or order them off line. Put them in food. In the sink. In the shower. Under their pillow. Go absolutely nuts.

Toothpaste Swap

This is disgusting, so make sure if you're going to do this prank, you chose a victim who has a sense of humor and a strong stomach. Squeeze some mayo into their toothpaste tube and wait to hear their screams!

Fake Poop

If you wet a some cardboard or brown paper and tear it up, you can put it back together almost like clay, so long as it's wet. Use your gross imagination and craft the perfect fake poop. Leave it on the toilet seat or in the shower.

Hard Boil The Eggs

Got eggs in the fridge? Hard boil them all and then put them back in the case. Epically confuse your roommates.

Hide Something

Go in your roommate's room and find something that seems obvious and useful, and then hide it. Maybe it's a pillow. Maybe it's the other slipper. Maybe it's a computer charger. Maybe it's their favorite shirt. Find something you know they're going to need.

Soap Trick

If you have clear nail polish, you can cover a bar of soap with it and it will seal it off. No matter how much your roommate tries to get a lather, the soap will just slip around.

Dude, Where's My Car?

Make sure your roommate doesn't have an important appointment, but move their car. Not far, just to a different spot. The idea is not to ruin their day, rather make them feel very confused.

Key Swap

Swap out your roommates house key — but make sure you're around to clear up the prank before they break down the door!