Ed Sheeran's Album Almost Came Out Months Ago

by Caitlyn Callegari
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do you ever have what you consider to be "big news" to tell, only to be overshadowed by someone announcing something way more important right before you? Yeah, that's a decidedly crappy feeling, isn't it? But, it's one that even the most talented among us have experienced. Case in point, as Billboard explained, Ed Sheeran was going to release Divide in November, but the presidential election deterred him. That's right, people. Our little Teddy thought that we were going to forget all about him because of political upheaval. *Sniffles*

As Billboard relayed via Sheeran's interview with Apple Beats 1 Radio, the story goes like this. The singer said,

"The plan was to come in September and then the album was meant to come in November, but the week the album was coming out was the week the presidential elections — that was just a sh*t storm of media and I was like obviously if I come out with a record then no one's gonna care."

Well, actually, the presidential election wasn't the only hindrance. He explained, "And then the week after Bruno [Mars] came out, the week after The Weeknd came out..." Listen, I think Sheeran was selling himself short, but I totally get it. The humble musician clearly doesn't realize how we view him as a total superstar. We, as humans, don't often recognize our potential greatness unless it's pointed out.

Besides, Billboard reported that Sheeran further explained his new album release date, March 3. He said,

"... any time I've come out there's always been another person. Like remember the first year I came out, being nominated for every award but then Adele was nominated for every award, and I'd kinda turn up like, 'uh yeah.' But this year it kinda feels like there's no one there ... I'm very, very confident in this year. This year is mine!"

The thing, that Sheeran probably doesn't realize, is we probably needed his album during the harrowing election and the uproarious time immediately after. If you've listened to a Sheeran album in its entirety before, or have merely listened to his two newest songs, "Shape of You" and "Castle on the Hill," you know that jamming out to his music is cathartic.

His songs range from happy to sad, to every emotion in between, and that was an outlet I think we all craved around Nov. 8. If only. Luckily, March is right around the corner now.