Apparently, Ed Westwick Has No Idea Who Gossip Girl Was, Even Now


Just when you thought all the secrets of Gossip Girl had been revealed, youre proven wrong: Ed Westwick still doesn’t know who Gossip Girl was. Yes, this is even though the show went off the air in 2012, and the 30-year-old was, y’know, on it, as the infamous Chuck Bass. Somehow, even with all that, Westwick either missed or can’t remember the reveal that Dan Humphrey had been Gossip Girl all along. When asked via email for his favorite memories from the show for a Vanity Fair retrospective, the British actor wrote back, "I am still not sure who GG was lol." And you know what? Whether he's kidding or serious, that might honestly be a good thing.

Normally, this might be an opportunity to throw some shade Westwick's way; does this mean he didn't read the script or watch the finale for the show's final episode? What were you doing over there when everyone else was discovering the twist that the entire series that you starred in was hinged on? Or, by this point, does he just not care?

But on the other hand, it's hard to even roll your eyes at Westwick, because you're too busy being jealous of him. Dan Humphrey as Gossip Girl makes so little sense that most fans would probably give anything to go back to living in a world where they didn't know her real identity. A world where you don't have to mentally go back through the plot and explain away all the plot holes. (Like the fact that Dan was consistently shocked by Gossip Girl posts... while alone... in his kitchen. It's bananas.)

The ending made no sense whatsoever, and cast a pall over the rest of the show that's hard to shake. Early Gossip Girl was super enjoyable and stayed that way even as it spiraled more into a parody of itself. But Dan Humphrey as Gossip Girl is a hurdle that no show could come back from, so the more people who can be protected from that information, the better.

So, it bizarre that, after all these years, Ed Westwick is seemingly one of those lucky few, who blacked out the finale? For sure. But, as defense mechanisms go, this is one of the more helpful ones. No one ruin this for him.