This Affordable AF Drugstore Brand Is Launching Sheet Masks & You’re Going To Want Them All

Courtesy of e.l.f.

And so the sheet mask craze continues. Whether it's for banishing blemishes, minimizing pores, or controlling shine, the internet's obsession with using sheet masks is going strong. Hopping onto the skincare bandwagon, e.l.f. is launching new sheet masks that'll have beauty fanatics craving them all.

There's nothing wrong with hoarding $20 lippies and sticking to your go-to $70 serum, but affordable beauty products that actually get the job done do exist. The beauty sphere has brands like e.l.f to thank for that. The drugstore favorite company has mastered the art of producing makeup that puts high-end products to the test without strangling your wallet. With so many tried-and-true staples and $1 beauty products in their stock, it's no wonder the brand has such a great rep.

Now proving themselves as a skincare giant, e.l.f. is giving beauty lovers every reason to look in their direction. Having even created a foundation primer in sheet mask form. the brand is clearly having a moment with serum-soaked fabric. Dropping four new sheet masks like it's no big deal is just their way of beefing up their existing collection of cruelty-free skincare. Giving options for soothing, detoxifying, and brightening, e.l.f.'s new gems are providing a mask solution for everyone

The first of the new sheet masks to hit e.l.f.'s website, this 3-step pore cleansing kit is available for purchase now. It features three nose strips to extract and treat your pores, so your skin is left feeling smoother than ever.

The first strip preps your pores by opening them up. Next, the second strip works overtime to banish blackheads. Finishing the job, the third strip helps soothe and tone pores with a charcoal-infused serum.

Proof that e.l.f.'s skincare uses nothing but the good stuff, witch hazel, tea tree, and green tea are the other powerful ingredients at work within the kit to get rid of your blackheads and condition your pesky pores. With three individual kits packed inside each carton, this pore-refining bundle is the bee's knees.

The calming sensation of the bunch, the Soothing Mask can be your new go-to for an at-home spa day. It uses ingredients like aloe, cucumber, and green tea to destress your skin. Retailing for a mere $2, it won't cost an arm and a leg to give your facade the TLC it deserves if you invest in this baby. You'll just have to wait until it launches some time this week to add it to your skincare stash.

Your skin could always use a good detox. That's where the Detoxifying Bubble Mask comes in handy.

It's a charcoal-infused mask that helps draw out dirt and impurities from environmental stressors. Think of using it as hitting the reset button on your skin after enduring a stressful week. Bubbling against your facade as it works its magic, it's just as fun to use as it is great for relaxing the skin.

Look for it to launch the week of April 15 for your key to a restored complexion.

If you were on the hunt for a budget-friendly mask that helps even your tone, look no further than e.l.f. Be on standby for the Brightening Sheet Mask to also launch on the brand's site some time during the week of April 15.

The gateway to skin with a healthy glow, this mask uses lemon and other citrus extracts to help brighten dark spots, pigmentation, and dullness. There's nothing better than an even and illuminated tone, so e.l.f. may truly have a winner on their hands with this affordable gem.

As long as e.l.f. keeps dishing out such incredible skincare, the brand will forever reign as a drugstore champ. This bundle of sheet masks coming soon is just yet another step in the right direction for the brand.