E.l.f Just Launched A Collection Of $10 Booster Drops That Will Save Your Skin

If you have a bathroom cabinet full of skin care lotions, potions, and face masks, then you know just how valuable a booster serum is — both in results and price. Those droplets tend to cost a pretty penny, which is why E.l.f.'s new booster serum launch is so exciting. It will give you a chance to try out the benefits of a skin serum without the aggressive price tag.

There are many benefits to a booster serum, and it differs from your regular serum by giving you faster results. The ingredients are concentrated in larger amounts, which gives you a "boost" in outcomes. You typically use three to four drops on your face, and you can use it with a combination of other serums and lotions in a multiple-step skincare routine, delivering a series of restorative ingredients that will get your complexion to look its best. But seeing how it's such an effective product, small viles usually cost anywhere between $30-$100, which isn't easily accessible to beauty lovers on a smaller budget. Seeing that gap in need, E.l.f. stepped in with their own version.

The collection comes with three different options, letting you pick and choose which skincare need you want to focus on. There are the Antioxidant Booster Drops, the Sunkissed Booster Drops, and the Hydrating Booster Drops, all retailing for $10 each.

Since E.l.f just launched this collection there aren't a bevvy of reviews up yet, but the ones that have so far made it onto E.l.f.'s website are pretty glowing (pun intended.)

The Hydrating Booster Drops are the highest rated thus far, receiving 4.7/5 stars from nine reviews. "I have sensitive skin, oily in areas but I get bad dry patches. No matter what moisturizer I use nothing helped! Until I tried this! So good! I just mix just a little into a little of my moisturizer. I also use less moisturizer with this product so it saves me $$! Doesn't affect my Rosacea/sensitive skin and my dry patches are gone. Liquid gold!" one reviewer posted.

The Antioxidant Booster Drops don't have any reviews yet, but the Sunkiss Booster Drops do, and they got 3/5 stars from 12 reviews. The reviews revealed that these drops are also a gradual self tanner, which is what will give you that "sunkissed" look.

The reason it got three stars, however, is that some people didn't see a noticeable difference in color change.

If you have been itching to try booster drops but have been put-off by the price tag, E.l.f.'s new launch is the perfect way to dip your toe into the serum world. Try them out and see the change in your skin