Here's What Elizabeth Olsen Thinks *That* 'Fuller House' Rumor

by Kristie Rohwedder
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't hold your breath for an Olsen cameo on the Full House reboot. And yes, that applies to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's younger sister, too. On this week’s episode of Danny Pellegrino’s fantastic podcast, Everything’s Iconic with Danny Pellegrino, Elizabeth Olsen addressed that old rumor about playing Michelle Tanner on Fuller House. Years ago, the Avengers: Infinity War star said she is in no way involved with the reboot, and guess what? Nothing's changed. The chances of seeing Elizabeth in the Netflix original series seem about as real Michelle's invisible friend, Glen.

Back in 2016, there were whispers that Mary-Kate and Ashley's younger sister might play the character that launched their careers into the stratosphere. Said whispers caught Elizabeth off guard. When Pellegrino brought up that erstwhile rumor on his podcast, Elizabeth said,

"That was weird, because it was also like, ‘Leave me out of this. This has nothing to do with me' ... And then I had to answer questions about it immediately after. I was doing press, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what anyone’s talking about. Stop talking to me about this.’”

While she has not watched Fuller House, Elizabeth did say, “I’ve heard it’s a hit … It’s very successful.”

In 2015, Fuller House executive producer Robert L. Boyett confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Mary-Kate and Ashley would not be on the Netflix reboot. Boyett said in a statement to THR,

"Although Ashley and Mary-Kate will not be a part of Fuller House, I know how much Full House has meant to them and they are still very much considered family. It has been exciting to see how they have built their professional careers, and I support their choice to focus on their fashion brands and various business endeavors. I appreciate their support and good wishes towards Fuller House."

And when People asked Boyett about the twins' absence, he told the magazine,

“Ashley said, ‘I have not been in front of a camera since I was 17, and I don’t feel comfortable acting.’ Mary-Kate said, It would have to be me because Ash doesn’t want to do it. But the timing is so bad for us.”

The Olsen Twins are the only members of the main cast to not return for the reboot of the beloved '90s sitcom.

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And then, it happened: About a month before the first season premiered, John Stamos said something on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM radio show that implied Mary-Kate and Ashley weren't the only Olsens who were asked to be part of the Netflix original series. In a January 2016 interview with Cohen, Stamos claimed Fuller House had reached out to Elizabeth. Uncle Jesse said,

“We actually went to, I don’t think this has been talked about, but I think Jeff Franklin did, I said, ‘Call the sister’ … And we talked to her agent, and the agent was like, ‘Come on, she’s not going to do that.’ But we did call her agent.”

"The sister" being, of course, Elizabeth.

A few months later, Elizabeth told E! News that she not only did not have any plans to play the role made famous by her older sisters, but that she never got an offer in the first place. She told the site, “If I did, I'm pretty sure no one on my team heard it. I don't know where that started."

In January 2018, Netflix announced that Fuller House has been picked up for a fourth season, and no, Mary-Kate and Ashley have not changed their minds. Back in December, TVLine reported that the Full House reboot has given up on asking the Olsen Twins back. And considering what Elizabeth has said about Fuller House, it seems safe to assume there won't be any Olsens on the upcoming batch episodes. Pin a rose on your Netflix library's nose.