Ellen Pompeo Wants Sandra Oh To Return To 'Grey's Anatomy' Just As Much As You Do


Grey's Anatomy has produced some powerhouse couples throughout the past 15 seasons, however, the one relationship that will forever remain one of our all-time favorites is the everlasting friendship between Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey. And while Cristina is no longer a central character on the show, Ellen Pompeo wants Sandra Oh to return to Grey's Anatomy just as much as fans do (if that's even possible). So, if the opportunity ever presents itself, you better believe this Grey's star will do everything in her power to make it happen.

However, because Pompeo and Oh's friendship is just as sweet and supportive in real life as they portrayed their characters to be on the screen, Pompeo totally understands why the onscreen reunion hasn't happened to just yet. Because as much as she wants her friend to return, she wants to see her succeed even more. "Selfishly I would love to see Sandra Oh come back to Grey’s,” Pompeo admitted during a recent interview with TVLine. “But I also love Killing Eve so much, and I love seeing her have so many of these incredible moments. So, as much as I love Sandra, I’d rather see her shine out on her own. I enjoy that more. That‘s more gratifying to me.”

Spoken like a true "person" to someone, don't you think?

Of course, this isn't the first time the possibility of Oh reprising her iconic role has come up. In fact, prior to her departure from the series all the way back in 2013, Oh stated in a different interview with TVLine that she would be interested in being apart of the series finale down the line. “Eventually [Grey’s] will have to come to a close, and I would love to come back [for the series finale]," she stated at the time.

Since her role on Killing Eve, however, her attitude towards a possible return has changed, at least for now. “I get [the Grey’s] question regularly, and I answer it really based on what I’m feeling that day — and today [my answer] is no,” she told TVLine last June, not because she doesn't love Grey's, but rather she wants to remain busy with her current project. “I love Eve. I really love her. I also love Cristina Yang." She added:

"I’m constantly stunned at the response I still get from [Grey’s fans], you know? It’s so fantastic, and it pleases me. It gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction that, you know, you did work that actually continues going on past the time that you’ve left it… It’s really phenomenal. And the only way that I think I can continue doing good work is just staying true to my own compass. And that compass is pointing north.”

But just because her days on Grey's may be over for good, doesn't mean there can't still have some great reunions or interactions with her former cast members. After Oh's Golden Globe win, Pompeo responded with a very heartfelt message. The awards ceremony also allowed Oh to reunite with Kevin McKidd, who played her longtime love interest Owen Hunt on Grey's.

Who knows if Oh will ever return to Grey's in the future, but it's comforting to know that if/when she's ready to do so, the cast and crew are ready to welcome her with open arms.