Emily & Haley Wear Their 'Bachelor' Limo Exit Dresses To Dinner With Ben & It's A Hilarious Nod To Their TV Start

Freeform/ Vu Ong

The contestants only get one chance to make a first impression on The Bachelor and a big part of that has to do with the night one outfit. Emily and Haley Ferguson brought back their Bachelor limo exit dresses on their new show. I mean, what else do you wear to go to dinner with Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell during the first episode of The Twins: Happily Ever After?

They had no real explanation for doing that, but I was really living for it. I love getting good use out of a killer outfit. It was also just pretty ironic for them to revisit the past during a dinner that was supposed to be focused on growing up and moving forward. Not to mention that it is kind of awkward to wear dresses that they picked out while they were pursuing Ben in front of Ben and his future wife Lauren who they are best friends with. But then again, conventional social boundaries do not exist in The Bachelor franchise.

I have no idea what message the twins intended to send, but maybe it was one last hurrah for their old lives before they really focus on being adults. That would make sense to me. I know the twins play up the "dumb blonde" persona, but they really do have some good insight and statements of self awareness from time to time. And, the twins tweeted that these were their nicest dresses.

I'm not gonna lie, I actually recognized the outfits as soon as the twins showed up to the dinner. Well, they also showed the clip of them stepping out of the limo on The Bachelor when the episode started. So that could have been why it jogged my memory.

Some #TBT, huh?

Rick Rowell/ABC

I love the twins. I think they're hilarious, and I'm hoping that they really do end up discovering their adult selves throughout the episodes of their show. Just maybe leave The Bachelor outfits behind and really start fresh.