Eminem's Anti-Trump Freestyle Inspired Seth Meyers To Try It Himself

On Wednesday night, NBC's Late Night host Seth Meyers drew from Eminem's anti-Trump freestyle that had Twitter buzzing the night prior. Ultimately, Meyers asked the same question Eminem's freestyle ended with: Do you want to choose me or him (Trump)?

If you were pondering why Meyers, who hosts a show that bashes Trump left and right, would even have to ask that question of his audience, then you're not alone. And the point wasn't lost on Meyers, either. After all, his job is to be comedic.

Powerful stuff. To any fans of this show who are also fans of Donald Trump, it's time to make a decision, guys. Do you support him or do you support this show that constantly mocks and denigrates everything about him? I know it's a tough call, but the time has come to make a decision.

Maybe you know what's about to come next. He's going to try and rap — but not without warning. "Now I'm not much of a rapper," he says. And then he proceeds with something that more closely resembles a simple monotone statement, followed up by the middle finger. It's not exactly a "rap," but his point is loud and clear.

My name is Seth, and I'm here to say / if you like Trump, then go away.

According to Billboard, Eminem's freestyle during the BET Hip-Hop Awards on Tuesday night generated over 2 million tweet as of Wednesday afternoon. As you might imagine, some people couldn't get enough of Eminem's raw disdain, while others fumed over what they perceived as utter disrespect for the president.

The Detroit rapper's lyrics include lines like "'Cause what we got in office now's a kamikaze / That'll probably cause a nuclear holocaust" and "That's why he wants us to disband / 'Cause he cannot withstand / The fact we're not afraid of Trump / F--k walkin' on egg shells, I came to stomp." He waits til the end to make his fans decide who they support:

And any fan of mine who's a supporter of his / I'm drawing in the sand a line: you're either for or against / And if you can't decide who you like more and you're split / On who you should stand beside, I'll do it for you with this: F--k you!

You can read the lyrics in full here.

As the Hollywood Reporter also mentioned, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Eminem's rap during his show as well. Apparently, the host was impressed by the rapper's ability to half-rhyme "orange" with "tan."

The big story out of BET last night was Eminem launching a five-minute freestyle attack on Donald Trump. It was very well-done. He even found a way to rhyme the word “orange” — which had been previously thought impossible.

So far, the president has not responded to the rapper's takedown. Trump appeared on Sean Hannity's show on Wednesday evening and instead talked at length about his feud with the NFL and the players who choose to kneel as opposed to stand during the National Anthem. Eminem actually mentioned Trump's issue with the NFL in his rap:

It's like we take a step forwards, then backwards / But this is his form of distraction / Plus, he gets an enormous reaction / When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that / Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada / All these horrible tragedies and he's bored and would rather / Cause a Twitter storm with the Packers

Knowing Trump's Twitter habit, it's never too late for him to tweet criticism out to the rapper. But then again, it might be difficult to categorize the rap as "fake news."