Emirates' New First Class Seats Are Going Viral Over How EXTRA They Are

For most of us, remembering a neck pillow and getting an extra bag of peanuts is about the extent of our “luxurious” airplane experience. Now, we can all see what it’s like to live in the lap of luxury thousands of feet in the least via video. The airline Emirates has new luxury, first class suites, and Twitter is losing its mind over a video showing what the inside of the cabin looks like. Whatever you are picturing, I promise it is significantly more extra than that.

Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER features six first class private suites and a design inspired by Mercedes-Benz. Zach Honig, editor-at-large of The Points Guy, got to fly in one of the luxury suites and has described it as “the best first-class product I’ve ever flown.” Each suite is completely enclosed and has a door that extends from the floor to the ceiling. The privacy in and of itself would be enough of a selling point for most people. (Could you imagine flying in a plane and not having to worry about your knees awkwardly touching the stranger sitting next to you?) But privacy is just the tip of this fancy, fancy iceberg.

Inside your isolated 40-square-foot cabin you can set the temperature and ambient color lighting to your personal preferences, way beyond the usual overhead reading light and fan that is definitely just blowing around old farts. Your seat, a NASA-inspired “zero gravity” recliner, can recline into a bed. “Can recline at all” would have been enough of a luxurious feature, in my opinion.

For your inflight entertainment, watch a movie on the 32-inch touch screen display while enjoying one of the gourmet snacks included in your suite’s minibar. Feeling more than just a little bit peckish? Just ring your attendant via video chat and order off the full menu, which for Honig’s flight included main courses like “poached cod with arrabiata sauce,” five different cheese board options, and an extensive alcohol list. Attendants also served dates and Arabic coffee before the flight, which is so fancy in and of itself that it’s almost funny.

Everyone knows the struggle of having to choose between an aisle seat and a window seat. (And god forbid you’re stuck in the middle.) With Emirates’ luxury suites, there is no choosing. Every seat is a window seat. “Because every suite is by a window?” you ask. Oh no, you sweet, non-luxurious person. Some of the suites are actually located in the middle of the plane. However, every suite comes equipped with virtual windows that show video from cameras placed on the exterior of the plane. Yes, virtual windows. You can even watch the plane take off from the point-of-view of the pilot, if you want to be nauseous in a super fancy suite, I guess?

YouTuber Casey Neistat also recently flew in one of Emirates’ luxury suites. “This feels more like an extremely elegant hotel room than it does an airplane seat,” he said about the suit. He also said the legroom “borders on ridiculous.” The legroom on non-luxury seats also often borders on ridiculous, but usually for the complete opposite reason.

Neistat and Honig both enjoyed the suite on a flight between Dubai and Brussels, about a seven hour and thirty minute flight. How long does a little over seven hours in luxury heaven cost? For Honig, a one-way ticket ran him about $5,500. That’s almost two months of rent in New York, more than five months in most midwestern cities.

Calling the suite overindulgent is an understatement. It sounds like a child’s idea of what a fancy, rich person would want on an airplane. You can literally order caviar like room service, and it’ll be delivered to you through a little service hatch. Even if you don’t get to fly in the first class suite (on an account of having to pay rent), you can still experience a minute and forty seconds of luxury via video.