Emma Stone Is Blonde Again With A Twist

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Most of her fans are well aware of the fact that newly-minted Oscar winner Emma Stone isn't a natural redhead, even though it's the hair hue with which she is most associated. She picked up her Academy Award while rocking flame-hued follicles. Stone has resurfaced as a blonde, which is actually her natural color, after her epic Oscar win for La La Land. But Stone's latest turn as a blonde has the most perfect and complimentary twist ever.

While Stone's peaches and cream complexion and her green eyes pair beautifully with fiery locks, her latest strands shade is actually a mix of her natural color and the beloved and more familiar red. Now, Stone's strands are a strawberry blonde that she slays all day.

Stone is such a beauty that she can pull off either red and blonde locks. But this particular shade is really gorgeous and almost has a soft pink cast to it. It's a lovely complement to her freckles and her matte, berry-stained lips. Stone wore her hair off her face in a messy updo, with pieces tucked behind her ear but falling loose and doing as they wished. Her follicles were super shiny, too.

Ready for a look at Stone as a strawberry blonde? Have a look at her latest 'do.

How are you feeling about Stone as a strawberry blonde? It's a killer color, right? I can't help but wonder how long this pitstop at blonde will be before she returns to her more-signature red hair. It doesn't really matter, since both are so flattering on her.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This shot from Stone on Oscar night demonstrates the difference between now and then. The new hue is a few tones lighter. It's totally different without being drastic. That's not easy to pull off. But here's Emma Stone and her hair, making it look easy.