Emma Stone’s Name Change Is Actually All Thanks To A Certain Spice Girl

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While everyone may have been excited to hear that there will be a Spice Girls reunion tour, no one was more thrilled than Spice Girls superfan Emma Stone. As Entertainment Tonight noted, Emma Stone joked about how her love of the Spice Girls led to her name change. Honestly, that just takes stanning to a whole other, fun level.

In case you weren't aware, Stone's real first name is actually "Emily." Of course, she's since changed her professional name to "Emma," not only due to some SAG business (as she revealed to W Magazine in 2017), but also possibly because of one particular Spice Girl. During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 8, she opened up about her name change and her love of the girl group.

"I was super blonde, and my real name is Emily, but I wanted to be called Emma because of Baby Spice and guess what, now I am,” she said, "So, that’s pretty messed up."

Adding a little bit more context, Stone further explained the swap during her late-night interview. "It wasn’t necessarily because of her, but yes, in second grade, did I go up to the teacher and ask her to call me Emma, yes I did. And was it because of Emma Lee Bunton from the Spice Girls? Yes it was," the La La Land actor said.

This isn't the first time that Stone's Spice Girls fandom has been on full display. ET previously reported that the Maniac star received a personalized message from one of the Spice Girls back in 2014 during a press tour, which, unsurprisingly, thrilled Stone.

During an interview with Australian radio DJs Merrick Watts and Sophie Monk, the interviewers surprised the actor with a message from Mel B. Since she is such a major fan, the video actually brought her to tears, with her saying, "I'm legitimately crying. I'm the biggest Spice Girls fan ever."

So, will the actor support her favorite group during their upcoming tour? You can definitely count on it. She told host Jimmy Fallon:

"I saw them in concert in the ‘90s. I saw them at O2 Arena in 2008, and they recently announced a new tour and I will be going to that somehow. I don’t think tickets are on sale yet, but I’m gonna figure it out.”

In case you missed it, the new tour that Stone mentioned was only recently announced by the girl group. On Nov. 5, the Spice Girls (sans Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice) announced that they will be heading on a UK reunion tour in the summer of 2019. To announce the news, the group posted a short clip to their Twitter page in which the girls playfully bickered before harmonizing into their classic "Spice Up Your Life" track.

The news of the Spice Girls reunion tour undoubtedly made fans everywhere so happy. But, there may not have been anyone happier about the reunion than the Baby Spice-inspired Emma Stone.