Emma Watson Isn't "Peaking" Anytime Soon

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
By Mathew Jedeikin

While chatting with E! News at the Los Angeles red carpet premiere of Beauty and the Beast, beloved actor Emma Watson joked that she thought she was "peaking at 26." It’s a pretty absurd statement considering the fact that Watson has basically grown up in the spotlight, is widely adored by her fans, and is already getting glowing reviews for her role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, as well as her upcoming film The Circle, which hits theaters later this spring.

Speaking of the iconic romance between Belle and Beast in the movie, Watson told E!,

"I have to be really honest with you. I am probably never in my life gonna have a more romantic moment than this — I'm peaking at 26! My most romantic moment, it’s never gonna get better than this."

Watson definitely seemed jovial during the interview, though I can’t help but wonder… you know how they say that behind every joke is a little bit of truth? Is it possible that Watson is legitimately worried that this year is going to be the "peak" of her career? I definitely hope not. Sure, she doesn't have any other upcoming films on her IMDb page besides The Circle, but Watson has always been selective when it comes to roles. Plus, even if she chooses to wait a while before diving into another movie project, it's doesn't mean that she's peaked. Watson has a loyal fan base, and we'll undoubtedly support our girl in whatever she decides to do next.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When asked about what it was like putting on Belle’s iconic gown, Watson spoke on the pressure she felt not to disappoint. "It was kind of nerve-wracking," she said. "That yellow dress is like beloved in the imagination of girls all over the world — you want it to be perfect."

And because it was a red carpet event, E! News asked Watson about her outfit (the pantsuit is Oscar de la Renta, in case you're curious). Watson then admitted that it takes quite a bit of work to get red carpet ready,

"This takes a village, this takes like 10 people. I do not look like this normally, not even close."

Her fun attitude on the red carpet is part of the reason so many of us love Watson. Well, that in addition to her extreme talent, her vocal support for feminist issues worldwide, and her always on-point book club recommendations. Watson certainly isn't going to drop from the spotlight anytime soon, and it's impossible for me to imagine that she's anywhere close to peaking.