Here's How Netflix Changed Entrapta's Origin Story For Its 'She-Ra' Reboot


Spoilers ahead for Season 2 of Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Even the villains in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are lovable. Catra just wants her best friend Adora back, Scorpia just wants Catra to notice her, and the Evil Horde's latest recruit (so to speak) actually started out as one of the heroes. Fans of the '80s animated series, however, won't be too surprised — Entrapta in the original She-Ra was a villain, and now she is in the Netflix reboot, too. It's her sympathetic origin story that's totally new.

Let's recap: in Season 1 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Entrapta was left behind on a Great Rebellion heist mission, and ended up getting kidnapped by the Evil Horde. The other princesses assumed that she was killed, and put up a statue to memorialize her.

However, the very alive Entrapta can finagle her way out of anything using her magical hair and technical prowess, so she wasn't ever really a captive. You can't trap Entrapta — she traps you! When Catra and Scorpia showed interest in her experiments and research, something that doesn't happen to her a lot, Entrapta was easily won over. Now, in Season 2, she's working for the Horde as their technician, building robots and weapons used to take down the rebel princesses and hoping to discover more about First Ones tech in the process.

In the original She-Ra: Princess of Power '80s animated series and supplemental comics that came with Mattel toys, Entrapta was Catra's techie sidekick right from the start. The original Entrapta was an independent contractor recruited personally by Catra. Here's a clip of Entrapta from the original series. Some things are the same, some are very, very different.

She also loves shiny gold in the original series, which isn't so much a thing in the reboot. This new Entrapta is way more into tiny foods.

Does this mean that Entrapta won't ever rejoin her fellow princesses? As devastating as it is, she might be living that Horde life forever. In Season 2, Bow and Glimmer attempt to rescue their friend. Glimmer especially feels guilty that they left her behind. Unfortunately, they discover that Entrapta doesn't actually want to go back to her old life and the rebellion.

"All of my stuff is here now," she says to Bow and Glimmer. "So I'll probably just stay. Thanks anyway, though." When Bow asks if she switched sides, she replies that she's on the side of science. "But I am living in the Fright Zone now," she adds, "and the Horde is supplying me with tools and materials for my work. So, yes, I guess?"

Catra thinks that Entrapta's choice proves that "the power of friendship" is meaningless — but Glimmer knows the truth. Friendship is what's keeping Entrapta from rejoining the rebellion. She's found friends and support at the Fright Zone that she didn't have before. It's a complex, tragic backstory for this villainous character.

Gizmodo describes the new Entrapta as "chaotic neutral" — a Dungeons & Dragons alignment. Fitting, as D&D was one of showrunner Noelle Stevenson's inspirations for the animated series, and a version of the game is played in a Season 2 episode.

Hopefully, one day Entrapta will see the moral pickle she's in and use her talents to fight for the rebels again. However, for now she's working for Catra — and while that sucks, at least this cartoon villain has one of the complicated characters that makes She-Ra and the Princesses of Power so great.