Eric Trump Claimed Every Member Of His Family Has Been Sent "White Powder"

Courtesy of Fox News and Hannity

It’s no secret that being the president is a dangerous job as you are in a high-stakes position running a nation filled with differing opinions. In 2018, this is still true — just ask the Trump children. During an interview on Fox News’ Hannity, President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump said that “white powder” has been mailed to every member of his family. Bustle reached out to the White House for information on who in the Trump family has received white powder, following Eric Trump's claim.

When host Sean Hannity asked if Trump’s family had ever been threatened, Trump replied, "I've been threatened. Our family's been threatened. All of us. We've all had white powder show up at our house."

When “white powder” shows up in the mail, the major fear is that it’s anthrax, which is a disease caused by a bacterium called Bacillius Anthracis. According to The Independent, this bacteria doesn't do much in harsh conditions, but the spores from this bacteria can reactivate when they are ingested, inhaled, or if they come into contact with a sore or opening in the skin. Yes, it has killed before, but, according to the FBI’s website, most “white powder letters” turn out to be hoaxes.

Eric Trump’s revelation that the whole family had received white powder was a bit shocking because the public hasn't heard about most of the alleged incidents. That said, The Hill reported that in February that Donald Trump Jr.’s now-estranged wife, Vanessa Trump, was taken to the hospital as a precaution after she opened an envelop with white powder inside.

Back in March, the U.S. attorney’s office in the Massachusetts district announced that a 24-year-old man from Massachusetts named Daniel Frisiello was charged with sending the letter Vanessa Trump opened, which had been addressed to her husband. Frisiello allegedly sent the powder to five high-profile people.

A release from the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s office said the powder addressed to Trump Jr. came with a letter that read: "You make the family idiot, Eric, look smart. This is the reason why people hate you, so you are getting what you deserve."

The Trumps aren’t alone in receiving these suspicious white powder letters. Former President Barack Obama’s office building in Washington, D.C. also received a white powder-filled package the day after Vanessa Trump got hers, The Independent reported in February. Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters received an envelope full of white powder back in 2016, but it was determined to be non-hazardous, according to CNN.

The anthrax boom, if you will, started in 2001 when five people were killed and 17 got sick after receiving letters filled with the substance. People have been wary of the white stuff every since, Slate reported. These anthrax scares don't stop at politicians. Myriad entities — from Chase bank to royal family member Prince Harry — have received the white substance. Marie Claire reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received anthrax at Kensington Place in late February, but luckily it was intercepted before the royals handled it and it was deemed harmless.

Uncle Ben from Spiderman always said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Grave danger apparently comes with those things, too.