Estee Lauder Marriage Lipstick Is A Thing That Exists, According To Japanese Urban Legend

For a woman of ~science~, I'm on board with some pretty witchy concepts: saging my apartment, crystal healing, et. al. In my mind, I'm open to anything that can't be proven wrong. But this urban beauty legend has me equal parts skeptical and insanely fascinated. Apparently, Japanese marriage lipstick is a thing, and it comes in the form of one very pink Estee Lauder shade.

According to a writer at Hello Giggles, she received this mystical lipstick for Christmas from her brother and his girlfriend, who live in Japan. It's sold in the U.S. and U.K. as part of the Pure Color Crystal collection, and the shade is called "crystal pink." As the lore goes, wear the lipstick, get married within a year. Whoa.

As someone who's single AF, this piqued my interest — not that I'm ready to be wifed up by 2018, but hey, I'll hear it out. There are no "rules" to how often you need to wear the lipstick or when to wear it "for best results" (LOL), but the writer did some digging in the comment section of the Japanese Estee Lauder website and found that, yes, some women do expressly buy this lipstick in hopes of attracting a partner. Translated to English, one woman wrote, "I read that this lipstick had the highest success rate of people getting married. Of course I bought it." Bustle reached out to Estee Lauder for comment, but have not heard back.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal in Crystal Pink

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal In Crystal Pink, $22, Amazon

Granted, this whole idea is a little messed up. You definitely don't need to look a certain way or wear a particular product to get someone to put a ring on it, whether you're single or in a relationship. But, perhaps there's something to be said for the confidence boost of wearing a bold lipstick. And, of course, the placebo effect may be a factor — if you believe it works, it just might.

Ultimately, if you like the lipstick, wear it, whether you're looking to get engaged or not. And if you don't? Settle for the American version of the myth instead: Catch the bouquet at the next wedding you're at or whip up some "engagement chicken." Kidding, of course. (But if this is new to you like it is to me, apparently this is the magic chicken recipe from Glamour to make someone propose, according to Hello Giggles).

And hey, if you do like it and decide to wear it, do me this kindness and report back on whether any interesting romantic developments happen in your life. Just out of curiosity's sake, y'know.