Ethan Hawke & Uma Thurman Couldn't Be Prouder Of Maya Hawke's 'Stranger Things' Work

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Here are two very proud celebrity parents. Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman praised Maya Hawke on Instagram after their 21-year-old daughter became a Stranger Things favorite. Maya appears as Robin in Season 3 of the hit Netflix series and proved herself to be a phenomenal actor. It's clear she's she learned a few things from her famous parents, who certainly aren't strangers in the entertainment world.

Those who've watched Stranger Things' highly-anticipated third season know just how amazing of a job Maya did as Robin (this link contains spoilers from Season 3). Well, Maya's parents think so too. Both Ethan and Thurman shared beautiful messages in honor of their daughter's recent work. There's no denying they're supportive parents, who aren't afraid to go full mom and dad mode in order to celebrate their child's achievements.

On July 5, Ethan shared a video of Maya as Robin and adorably gushed,

"Some of you may have missed her in last year’s BBC production of Little Women. Some of you may have missed her work at Juilliard. I know many missed out on numerous high school productions — heck I even missed a few and I’m her father. Some of you may know her music, some may not."

Yeah, his post is super sweet, but just wait until you read how he concluded his message. Ethan wrote,

"But Ladies & Gentleman, get to know MAYA HAWKE. She’s the real thing. #StrangerThings"

Best. Dad. Ever.

In a July 7 Instagram, Thurman followed in her former husband's footsteps by sharing an image of Maya floating in a mermaid inner tube. Next to the cute photo, Thurman proudly wrote,

"My victorious loving mermaid daughter. A weekend of triumph on Stranger Things. Congratulations beloved @maya_hawke #strangerthings #netflix #motherlylove #mayahawke"

Best. Mom. Ever.

It's clear that Ethan and Thurman are beyond thrilled that their daughter was given the opportunity to star in a hugely successful series and to also play an important character in the process. This isn't the first time Maya's received the highest of compliments from her parents. Ethan opened up to People in January 2018 about watching Maya as Jo March in the 2017 BBC miniseries Little Women. He said,

"Words cannot explain. It’s one of the most amazing moments of my life watching her in Little Women. To see your child thrive, and to see her thrive at a profession that you have a lot of respect for, that I’ve dedicated my life to, I was so proud of her."

Many Stranger Things fans will definitely agree with Ethan and Thurman that not only do people need to acquaint themselves with Maya, but that she is most certainly "the real thing." Like Maya's costar, Gaten Matarazzo, who she shared many of her scenes with, wrote on Ethan's Instagram, "@maya_hawke is definitely the real thing!" Even Finn Wolfhard wrote, "Yay Dad!" The official Stranger Things Instagram account also posted, "ALL HAIL ROBIN." Preach.

Ethan Hawke/Instagram (screenshot)

Maya's acting abilities are undeniable. She's become an even bigger star overnight thanks to her fabulous work in Stranger Things. Here's hoping she shows up in the next season (the Netflix favorite hasn't officially been renewed yet). Like other fans, you know Maya's mom and dad will be anticipating their daughter's return as Robin. When that day hopefully comes, keep those fingers crossed Ethan and Thurman continue to be Maya's biggest fans and share even more proud messages on social media.