Etsy's Top 10 Instagram Posts Will Make You Want To Redo Your Whole Apartment


There's this dangerous game we all like to play where we go, "I'm just going on Etsy real quick to buy that crystal necklace I've had my eye on!" and four hours later, you're looking at sloth earrings and tote bags with pictures of cheese on them. It's a slippery slope. If you need some assistance narrowing down your shopping list, Etsy released its top 10 "liked" Instagram posts from the last few months.

Second only to Pinterest, Etsy is the place to kill time you don't have to spare and money you haven't yet saved, but that isn't going to stop us. Don't listen to what anyone says — of course you need that mug personalized with your name spelled in the most NSFW way possible.

Etsy is perfect whether you need home decor or unique, handcrafted jewelry or party favors for your bachelorette friend. You go there for all the cool things you can't find elsewhere, like a beach towel covered in pictures of your own face.

If you want to see what the hottest purchases have been this year, at least according to Instagram, here are Etsy's top 10 Instagram posts, along with the items in them, as of right now. Have your credit card nearby. Or maybe have someone take it away.


Floral Painted Glass Mugs: 64,854 Likes

Some people drink out of mugs they get as free promotional gifts from business events. (Me.) Other people who have their lives more together drink out of these floral painted glass mugs that I would most likely destroy in the dishwasher or maybe drop on my foot.


Grammar Police Pencils: 56,469 Likes

If you get personally offended by people who don't know the difference between "there," "their," and "they're," clearly, these grammar police pencils are for you. They're a much more subtle way of correcting people. Maybe. Perfect for the person whose favorite pastime is telling people their English is off.


Crystal Mug: 41,396 Likes

For those mornings when you're feeling a little extra, enjoy your cup of joe or green tea from one of these gorgeous crystal mugs. Although honestly, I'm not sure we should ever drink out of something so photogenic.


Floral Wall Hanging: 40,068 Likes

If you have a lot of empty wall space, this floral wall hanging might be the perfect addition. Brighten up the room and add a pop of color. The best part is your friends will probs think you made it. Nobody will judge you if you don't correct them.


Ceramic Succulent Nesting Bowls: 38,773 Likes

There are eight ceramic succulent nesting bowls in this set, meaning you can put a couple in every room of your house. Succulents everywhere! And can we talk about how cute that tiniest bowl is?


Linen Duvet Cover: 37,361 Likes

Not sure whose bed this is, but I want to go take a nap in it. It looks so soft and fluffy and comfy, and that linen duvet cover in dusty pink certainly doesn't hurt. Something tells me this would be *perfect* for fort-building.


Geometric Glass Vase: 36,910 Likes

Forget that ordinary vase that the flowers came. Instagram loves this geometric glass vase. That spring tulip bouquet you treated yourself to will look absolutely dreamy, and the vase catches the light ever so perfectly.


Succulent Ring Dish: 34,552 Likes

Succulents are all the rage right now, and the trend doesn't seem to be letting up. If you need a safe (and fabulous) place to keep your jewelry, try this succulent ring dish. It's certainly better than leaving your ring on the side of the sink. Prettier, too.


Fall Wedding Bouquet: 31,166 Likes

So gorgeous, I bet you couldn't even tell it was faux. If you're having a fall wedding and want a bouquet you can keep for life, these artificial autumn flowers (made from silk!) are an Etsy favorite. Heck, forget the wedding. Treat yoself to the flowers anyway!


Cat Planter: 30,547 Likes

New chair, who dis? Your cat already wants nothing to do with you, but once you buy it this "cat planter," you're never going to see old Gizmo again. At least you'll have something cool to post on Instagram. You should probably get a dog, though.