22 Products For People Obsessed With Crystals

Courtesy of Sellers

Crystals are the "it" thing right now. Some of us are totally clued in on how to use them and what they all mean, and some of us are just here because crystals are pretty. If you want to bask in the healing power of crystals, or if you just want something nice to look at, I've rounded up 22 products for people obsessed with crystals, so you can cleanse your aura (or, in some of our cases, your Instagram feed).

To truly enjoy all the benefits that crystals have to offer, we need to better understand them. According to Ducksters, crystals have molecules that "fit together in a repeating pattern." This helps to explain their unique shapes. Crystallization happens when liquid cools and starts to harden. Crystallization can also happen when water evaporates from a mixture and a solid is left behind.

Now, importantly, do crystals work? Believers of alternative medicine will argue that crystals can heal you both mentally and physically, as well as help restore peace and calm to your life. Perhaps unsurprisingly, not many studies have been conducted to determine if crystals are legit, says TIME. What little research does exist suggests the power of crystals is really in the eye of the beholder — meaning they'll work if they believe we do.

At the end of the day, all that matters is your own opinion. Also, if they're good enough for Kim Kardashian's fragrance, they're good enough for me.

If you believe in the power of crystals, if you enjoy having them around you, then that's all you need to know. Are you #TeamCrystal? Treat yourself to one of these purchases.