This 'Westworld' Season 2 Photo Is Curious

by Allie Gemmill
John P. Johnson/HBO

I am a diehard Westworld fan. From top to bottom, I've been a dedicated viewer since the first episode and I'm eagerly awaiting the second season. As such, if any Season 2 spoilers manage to find their way out into the world, I make sure to get my hands on them right quick. For example: Earlier this week, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood posted a Season 2 photo on her Instagram that clearly referenced the show, but left a lot to the imagination. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

On Wednesday evening, Wood shared a picture of just her midsection, sporting a corset and what looks like sweatpants, on Instagram. She captioned the photo, "Corset training has started again. Which can only mean one thing. A certain TV show is starting again very soon...." and added a few emojis that were very Westworld-specific, including a dress, a cactus, a robot head, and an eye.

The one pressing question I have about this photo involves Wood's corset. Why exactly is she corset training? This photo implies that she's going to change back in a corset at some point during Season 2, which means she's ditching those comfy slacks and the men's dress shirt she was sporting at the end of Season 1. For me, this further implies that she, as Dolores, is changing her clothes at some point in Season 2, which will no doubt be relevant to her story arc.

Listen, I realize that these sound like the ramblings of a madwoman, but it's just about the only concrete spoiler or teaser for Season 2 I've got to hold onto at the moment; I'm holding on tight and running with it. The wait for Season 2 will be awful and the only other vague spoilers we know are one that feel quite general. Wood has reported Season 2 will move at "warp speed," any host-related questions will be answered, and we'll probably see the Man in Black again. In comparison, this corset photo is explosive (and yes, that's a bit hyperbolic, but just roll with it).

For now, this corset photo is, at the very least, of great interest about what will happen just to Dolores. One might expect her to uncover more grave truths about her life in Westworld, and perhaps fight back against the company that has sought to control her for all these years. Kinda sounds like one might need to have an costume change to fight the man, right?