Eve From 'HTGAWM' Could Be The Missing Link Between Annalise & Gabriel

This week's How To Get Away With Murder midseason premiere had plenty of surprises, but the most shocking one might be the return of a character fans didn't think would be on the show again. Eve is back on HTGAWM and her scenes show how much she cares about Annalise. When Eve and Annalise parted ways before, it felt pretty final. After years of hoping Annalise would share her feelings and want to be together, no strings attached, Eve moved on and found love with a new woman. And, to be clear, there's no evidence that isn't the case. Eve appears in flashbacks in this week's episode, which takes place in the aftermath of the old Mahoney case and Annalise's miscarriage, and then randomly shows up at her old friend's house in the present day. Drama is sure to ensue.

Fans may remember that Annalise asked her fellow attorney friend Eve for her help during the Mahoney case, where Charles Mahoney — who later turned out to be Wes' dad — was accused of murdering his girlfriend. Wallace Mahoney hired Annalise as his attorney, and he wanted her to convince Wes' mom to say she'd seen Charles at the office that night, even though she hadn't. Annalise confided in Eve about the case, and the two of them talked about how they might have ruined Wes' (then Christopher's) life.

How Does Eve Connect To This Week's Episode?

In the midseason premiere, Eve is there to console Annalise in her time of grief back in 2005. She and Sam are grieving in different ways, with her trying to adopt Wes and him trying to get to know Gabriel for the first time. But based on an email Sam wrote to his ex-wife, Vivian, it looks like his son isn't the only one he wants to reconnect with.

Sam's letter to Vivian is about how much he misses her and wants to be in both her and Gabriel's lives. Even though he never actually sends the email, it still falls into the hands of both Frank and Eve. And Eve, not wanting to see Annalise hurt again, prints out the email and shows it to to her friend in the flashback.

So, Eve Is Back & She Might Know Something

While it seemed that Eve and Annalise's relationship was strictly in the past, her arrival in the present day timelines suggests otherwise. Mostly that she's been lurking all this time, because why wouldn't she have just reached out? Just another big old question mark in the life of Annalise Keating.

Now that she's here, it seems like Eve could be the one to whom Gabriel placed that mysterious call. It has to be someone who knows about his parentage, since he says in the voicemail that "they found out" who he is. She'd be a good bet.

For now, at least, it's not clear why Eve is involved all of this. But it's definitely possible that she knows Gabriel more than it appeared in the initial flashback, and that she might have known Vivian when Gabriel was younger, too. But for fans hoping Eve would come back, it looks like there still might be a chance for her and Annalise to work things out again, after all.

Correction: A previous version of this article didn't include that Eve appeared in the present day timeline as well as in the flashbacks.