Everlane's New $15 T-Shirt Is The Only One You'll Need Ever Again

There's a reason "quality over quantity" is such a ubiquitous statement, especially when it comes to fashion. And thanks to Everlane's new t-shirt, this statement rings truer than ever. At only $15, these tees are practically going to sell themselves.

What's so great about another white tee? Well, this one's about as versatile as you can get. With a wide neck and loose silhouette, it's the easiest way to look (and feel) super relaxed. Dressed up or dressed down, with a sweater, blazer, jacket, or by itself, this tee is the quickest thing to throw on in the morning, no matter what the occasion. With a boxy cut, it's a too-cool, borrowed-from-the boys look.

Type in "the best white t-shirt" on Google, and you'll come close to 37 million results. That's a lot of shirts and a lot of confusing advice out there. Luckily, you'll never have to look again.

It's so rare to find a piece of clothing that's functional, stylish, and affordable, and Everlane has done it yet again. Since Everlane adds transparent pricing, you can see actually see where your money is going.

Thick in structure, but light in feel, thanks to 100 percent cotton, it'll kick all of your old tees to the curb.

Courtesy of Everlane

The Open Neck Tee, $15, Everlane

See how easy-going this tee is? Pair it with dark denim and leather slides, and you've got a casual outfit that's perfect for pretty much every summer outing, from dinners, to barbecues, to bars.

Courtesy of Everlane

And, if your'e thinking of Marie Kondo-ing your closet, start by clearing out the dozens of holey or stained tees you have and replace it with a few of these.

Minimalist wardrobes are all the rage right now, with everyone from celebrities to politicians paring their wardrobes down. What do Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, Anna Wintour, and Barack Obama all have in common? Well, besides from all being highly successful — they all wear some sort of uniform. And why are they doing this, exactly?

Well, Obama once told Vanity Fair that wearing the same suit everyday allowed him to focus less on smaller decisions, like what to wear, and allow for more energy on bigger decisions, like, you know, running the United States.

It's called decision fatigue and it's a real psychological condition in which people mentally fatigue themselves from making too many small decisions. By eliminating a choice like deciding what to wear for the day, you're actually allowing your brain more space and juice for larger, more important decisions.

That's where uniform dressing comes in, and where Everlane's new t-shirt (and entire collection, really) kicks butt. Head over to everlane.com and find the "new arrivals" tab, where you'll find an array of effortless basics that'll make summer dressing easy as one, two, three.

Courtesy of Everlane

The Crop Crew Tee, $15, Everlane

At $15, this crop top is the perfect tee to go with your favorite high-waisted items.

The Day Heel

Courtesy of Everlane

The Day Heel, $145, Everlane

With a 2-inch block heel, you can practically run a marathon in these. OK, you probably can't, but still, you'll be able to walk comfortably and stylishly all day in these beauties. They're also made with 100 percent leather.

French Terry Square Hoodie

Courtesy of Everlane

The Classic French Terry Square Hoodie, $48, Everlane

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you don't need a little warmth in the evenings. In a boxy fit, this hoodie is a cooler, more carefree sweatshirt than most others out there.

T-Shirt Dress

Courtesy of Everlane

The Cotton Box-Cut Tee Dress, $25, Everlane

Just as relaxed as the Open Neck Tee, this dress pairs perfectly with simple white trainers.

By the way — these are limited-edition, so if you're eyeing any of these, get your wallets out!

Images: Courtesy of Brand.