An ‘Everwood’ Reboot Isn’t As Farfetched As It Sounds, According To The Series Creator

Warner Bros. Television

If everyone sits very still and doesn't do anything rash, there's a good chance that Everwood could be rebooted. According to Greg Berlanti, who created the beloved series, it's less a question of if, but a when. During a recent conversation with Variety to celebrate his record-breaking 14 series on air, Berlanti shared that even out of his own vast repertoire, the small-town drama is at the top of his list of shows he'd like to see revived. (Um, same.) The 45-year-old told the outlet, "Definitely of all of them, Everwood is the one that has a special song in my heart." The mega-producer continued:

"I think it's about schedules and finances and budget and, if we can get a budget to a [workable] place, I think there's a real shot that they could come back. I think we just have to figure out what would be the best way to do it, but there's nothing firm in place yet."

Truly, no one move, and no one breathe, because if Berlanti is to be believed, this potential Everwood reboot is on track to happen. And there's no reason to assume that he's being overly optimistic, either, because as TVLine pointed out, the producer wasn't nearly so certain the last time he was asked about a reboot for this particular show. That was in Summer 2017, during a Television Critics Association press tour for the show's 15th anniversary, when Berlanti told a gathered audience about a potential Everwood reboot — "No one's asked, but I think we all would love to work together again."

Well, people are asking now, clearly, so it won't be a lack of public interest or the show's creator holding it back, since he's already vouched so strongly for a reunion to Variety. And the cast is unlikely to cause an issue either. At that same press tour, Treat Williams, who starred as Dr. Andy Brown, shared that he'd sign on to any future project "in a New York minute." So there's clearly a lot of enthusiasm there.

And even though the star of Emily VanCamp — who played Amy Abbott — has risen significantly since the show wrapped in 2006 after four seasons, she's on board too. VanCamp admitted to the TVLine podcast in January that yes, she'd "heard whispers" about an Everwood follow-up. And even without confirmation, she added, "If it were to happen, there's a big possibility that I would do it. We'll see." There's no word yet from Chris Pratt, who played Bright Abbott, as to whether he'd be interested. But considering the fact that the show helped launch Pratt's career, as IndieWire noted, his participation shouldn't be ruled out.

In fact, with two major cast members and the creator already giving the thumbs up, it feels like nothing is too great to hope for in terms of this reboot. Because the series was still crossing their fingers for more another season when it was canceled, a lot of options were quite literally left open. The Wrap reported that the fate of the show was so up-in-the-air that writers penned two versions of the Everwood finale: a closure-rich episode for if the show was cancelled, and one filled with cliffhangers in case it wasn't.

Obviously, after the cancellation, they ended up having to go with the closure episode, where romantic feelings were finally acknowledged and once-contentious relationships "inched toward resolution," to quote an Entertainment Weekly recap of the Everwood series finale.

But all of this means that by now, Everwood, Colorado is just aching for a revisit. And the way things are looking, if fans just stay out of the way and let this potential project gather momentum, you might turn around in a month or so and see the entire town totally reassembled, with everyone signed back on and ready to go to work.