We Need An 'Everwood' Revival ASAP

by Amy Mackelden

Sometimes, a show is canceled way too early, leaving fans unsure how to go on with their lives without ever finding out what happens to their favorite characters. One such show, which should've had at least two more seasons in my opinion, is Everwood (or, as my brother likes to call it, Neverwood). Everwood aired on The WB between 2002 and 2006, and, despite averaging four million viewers a week, the series was cancelled when The WB turned into The CW. Needless to say, we all cried buckets, but, seeing as every other show is getting a reboot, here are 13 reasons we need an Everwood revival right now.

From its stellar cast (I shouldn't need to tell anyone that Chris Pratt was in Everwood ) to its idyllic mountain town setting, the series had so much going for it. It was like a darker Dawson's Creek, or a slightly less miserable My So-Called Life, with the perfect amount of schmaltz in every episode. There are so many reasons a revival of Everwood would work right now but, mainly, fans of the series need to know what happened to Ephram, Amy, Bright, Hannah, and the rest of the gang. Here are 13 reasons that Netflix should reboot Everwood immediately.

1. Chris Pratt Is In Everwood

The number one reason we need an Everwood revival right now has to be that Chris Pratt was in the show. He played lovable jock Bright Abbott, providing some much-needed comic relief, but he also had the biggest heart. We need to know what Bright is up to, especially now that he's grown into an incredibly handsome man.

2. Delia Was The Wisest Child & We Need Her Back

Ephram's little sister Delia was the wisest child to ever grace television, and she's no doubt killing it as an adult. We need her wisdom in our lives.

3. Everwood Was About Overcoming Adversity

Characters in Everwood often faced life-changing challenges — from Ephram getting his sister's babysitter pregnant to Amy dealing with the death of her childhood sweetheart. While the show's storylines could get incredibly dark, ultimately, Everwood was about overcoming whatever life throws at you, no matter how devastating, awful, or unexpected they might be.

4. Gregory Smith Was The Perfect Leading Man

Playing musical prodigy Ephram Brown, Smith won millions of hearts with his charming, sweet, and shy role. We all need more Gregory Smith in our lives, and an Everwood revival would be the perfect vehicle to reintroduce the actor to the world.

5. The Guest Stars Were On Fleek

From Hollywood heavyweight Anne Heche to the one and only Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries , Everwood had a great selection of guest stars throughout its four seasons. So, there's a huge potential for cameos in a revival of the series.

6. The Love Stories In Everwood Were Incredible

When it comes to romance, teen shows of the early '00s had it on lock down. Everwood featured one of the best love stories of all time between lead characters Ephram and Amy. We all need to know if they're still together, right?

7. Emily VanCamp Is Awesome

Emily VanCamp consistently delivers. I want to see grown up Amy Abbott, because I know she's winning at life, has an awesome career, and is sure to be navigating romance in a way we can all relate to. Now that Revenge has finished, VanCamp is free for an Everwood revival, just sayin'.

8. The Setting Was Beautiful

The fictional mountain town of Everwood always looked incredible, and it's one of the reasons the show was so enjoyable to watch.

9. Everwood Is Timeless

Everwood is filled with endlessly quotable lines, proving that a revival of the show would be perfect right now. It'd be so fun to watch the show's characters dealing with life in 2016, especially since they wouldn't need to change much about their date nights. Switch out renting movies for watching Netflix, and we're all set.

10. Everwood Wasn't Afraid To Be A Feminist Show

The series featured so many interesting and complicated female characters, who were smart, funny, passionate, and independent. Amy Abbott, for instance, wasn't afraid to call out sexism, and we need her attitude back on our screens.

11. Everwood Explored Unlikely & Unrequited Romance In The Best Way

One of my favorite relationships to ever grace television was the romance between Pratt's Bright Abbott, and Hannah Rogers, who was played by Grey's Anatomy 's Sarah Drew. Even though the pair seemed like an unlikely couple, and Hannah's crush on Bright was embarrassing at times, their eventual romance was a beautiful thing to watch, and so true to life. Who hasn't fallen for someone who's their polar opposite in every way?

12. It Explored Mental Health

Everwood wasn't afraid to explore the challenges people face when it comes to mental health, and the way in which some events in life are difficult to handle.

13. Everwood Had The Best Sense Of Humor

As a darkly comic series, Everwood wasn't afraid to make jokes about the most miserable of topics, and that was seriously refreshing.

It would be incredible to see the cast reunited for a revival, and to find out what's been happening to the characters since they left our screens in 2006. Everwood needs to come back right now, and I know you all agree.

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