Every Politician Kate McKinnon Has Been On 'SNL'


A silver lining to the oppressive political climate is that it's been a pretty good moment for satire. The silver lining of living through the 2016 election is that it overlapped with the existence of Kate McKinnon and her portrayal of Hillary Clinton. And now, as Donald Trump's expanding cabinet gets more and more ridiculous and more and more ridiculously unqualified, we have McKinnon bravely portraying the lesser politicians with such an artistry. However, since it's hard to keep up with who we're making fun of on a weekly basis, you may want an actual list of every politician McKinnon has played to date. Well, I've got you covered.

From the flimsy presidential hopefuls to the utterly unqualified education overseers, McKinnon has definitely tapped upon a range of politicians, and I wrangled them all up so now you'll never be confused. I mean, I understand that all of those white-haired suit-wearing dudes all look the same, so now you'll have a better grasp of who our girl is lampooning this week. And, sooner or later, everyone needs to have this information at hand, don't they?

So scroll down and see all the politicians McKinnon has perfectly portrayed, and get ready, because this is only the tip of the sad (but hilarious) iceberg.


Hillary Clinton

Just to recap, plenty of SNL cast members portrayed Hills over the years — Amy Poehler had a delightfully high-strung turn during the 2012 election — but McKinnon really nailed it. She kept our spirits up during Election Season, and then comforted us with the cold open cover of "Hallelujah."


Angela Merkel

Merkel is the German Chancellor and Time's Person of the Year 2015, and McKinnon portrayed Merkel to remark that Donald Trump following her up was like, "winning the nobel prize for physics and then the next year they give it to Hoobastank."


Janet Huckabee

Huckabee's a politician in her own right, but here McKinnon was just playing a concerned wife whose husband believed that he could actually be president. Bless.


Kathleen Sebelius

McKinnon's Sebelius tries to walk us through the Obamacare website, and it becomes a whole hilarious ordeal.


Lindsey Graham

OK, you can't even really see this clip because it's now a long-lost digital exclusive, but, in short, McKinnon went grey to portray the South Carolina Senator.


Elizabeth Warren

McKinnon's Warren works hard to factcheck the Weekend Update team and revels in the fact that she "made Twitter her b."


Betsy DeVos

The guest of honor in Melissa McCarthy's hilarious Sean Spicer skit, McKinnon's DeVos is very pro-guns so we can protect students from the grizzly bears. Just like in real life.


Jeff Sessions

Again, McCarthy steals every scene here, but, if you pay attention, you'll catch McKinnon killing it as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, rocking those bushy brows.


Kellyanne Conway

An honorable mention since Trump's counselor is more of a politician adjacent, but McKinnon always manages to bring a certain appropriate dead-eyed creepiness to the recurring role.

And there you have it. While I'm sure that McKinnon will play more politicians in the future, let's give her due props for the ones she's already brought to life with her unique humor.