Every Single Item Kylie Jenner Has Worn From Fashion Nova

Most people can't fathom why Hollywood's finest would shop at the same places us regular degular people do, so the fact that even Kylie Jenner wears Fashion Nova is still mind-blowing. There's no doubt the youngest Jenner is an influencer for their many of Fashion Nova's designs, but now it's come to a point where the Instagram-bred brand has dedicated an entire category of her looks on the site.

Fashion Nova isn't just the most Googled fashion brand of 2018 for being popular on Instagram, but the brand is responsible for recreating many of looks inspired by pop culture. Between the brand's recreation of Meghan Markle's wedding reception dress, to Cardi B's look in Bruno Mars' Finesse video, it's hard to keep up with what's next. However, now that Kylie's looks are all bundled up into one place on the site, the battle is on.

When you think of Kylie Jenner, a 21-year-old billionaire, shopping at Fashion Nova, the realization sets in that celebrities are people, too, just sometimes with way cooler mansions.

If you're looking to take a style note from Kylie Jenner's Fashion Nova looks, you're in luck since the brand has done fashion lovers a huge solid by putting everything Kylie has ever worn on one dedicated page. Here are some of the best picks.

Fuzz What You Heard One Shoulder Sweater

Kylie practically broke the internet after sporting this Fuzz What You Heard sweater. The off the shoulder crop top is less than $30, so it seems that means everyone can dress like a baller.

Sugar Free Dress

Back in 2017, Kylie debuted Fashion Nova's Sugar Free Dress on Instagram. If you're the kind of person who's afraid of some spillage, it also comes in black, blue, forest green, and red. In the words of Beyonce, this definitely qualifies as a freakum dress.

Jacklyn Off Shoulder Mini Dress

Fashion Nova's Jaclyn Off-The-Shoulder Mini Dress is probably something you'd wear for the warmer months, but it's so cute, you could at least take some Insta photos in your kitchen.

Wanderlust Hoodie

Kylie rocked this appropriately-named Wanderlust Hoodie for a mirror selfie, so naturally, you have to wear this Wanderlust Hoodie for a mirror selfie.

Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans

Along with Ky's $30 fuzzy crop sweater, she sported these Classic High Waisted Skinny Jeans. Who knows if these pants can get any tighter, but if they do, they must make your butt look amazing.

Buenos Aires Romper

This romper is already saucy, but if you're in the mood for something other than black, the Buenos Aires Romper comes in pink, mint, gray, navy, red and camouflage.

Soothe Off Shoulder Jumpsuit

This all black Soothe Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit is as comfy as your pajamas, which is probably a good reason why the young billionaire snagged one for herself. It's also under $25, so maybe getting two of them isn't totally cray.

There's no telling if Kylie Jenner will delve into a Fashion Nova collaboration anytime soon, but it's safe to say she's a master at styling the brand's looks.