Nicole Could Mean The End Of Ezria On 'Pretty Little Liars'

by Caitlin Flynn
Eric McCandless/Freeform

Are you ready for the final season of Pretty Little Liars? That's obviously a rhetorical question, because there's no real way to mentally prepare ourselves for the last 10 episodes of the most addictive series ever. When Season 7A concluded, there were a whole lot of jaw-dropping moments — the most memorable, of course, was when Spencer was shot and Mary Drake rushed to her side (seemingly out of nowhere) and declared that she's her mother. But, let's not forget about the finale's other bombshell — Nicole, Ezra's former girlfriend on Pretty Little Liars, was found alive in Colombia. She was missing and presumed dead, but fans were suspicious that she'd reappear because characters on this show have a habit of doing that.

Nicole hasn't had much screentime, so let's recap her storyline. In Season 6A, Ezra met Nicole at The Brew at the two instantly clicked. He invited her as a date to Aria's art show and expressed an interest in her work with Habitat for Humanity. After the time jump, we learned the pair went to South America together around the same time Aria departed for college. As Byron said, “Building houses wasn’t supposed to be controversial,” but things took a tragic turn when Nicole and Ezra were doing just that. The workers were attacked by revolutionaries, and at least 15 people were kidnapped or killed — and Nicole was one of them.

When Aria returns to Rosewood, Nicole is presumed dead and she breaks off her relationship with Liam in order to rekindle her romance with Ezra. She accepts his marriage proposal and they begin making wedding arrangements — but their future is in serious jeopardy now that we know Nicole is alive and Ezra has learned that Aria lied to him about a major clue.

Yes, Nicole called Ezra’s phone and Aria casually deleted the missed call because, as she claimed, she didn’t want to get Ezra’s hopes up. (And, no, she didn’t think it was relevant to mention to him that there was a chance Nicole may be alive.) Ezra only learns the truth about the call when he walks in on Aria discussing it with Emily. Awkward.

Nevertheless, Ezra and Aria reconcile and make plans to elope to Italy.

A breaking news story puts a wrench in their plans — anchors report that search parties are closing in on where they believe the hostages are being held. It’s unclear whether or not there are any survivors, but it’s a strong possibility. Aria cashes in their plane tickets to Italy and buys Ezra a ticket to South America so he can be there when and if the hostages are freed. He heads to Colombia where he’s reunited with Nicole who (surprise!) has been alive all this time. Aria watches as they share a passionate kiss on live TV. Rough.

Does this mean the end of Ezria? It’s a safe bet that Season 7B will include a major love triangle.