Everything You Need To Know About Kenya Moore's Wedding

Loreen Sarkis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
By Mathew Jedeikin

When the news first broke that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore had gotten married, it almost seemed like a late April Fools' joke. Last season Kenya's main storyline on RHOA involved her "toxic" relationship with Matt Jordan, so it certainly surprised fans when the news came out that Kenya had gotten hitched. When she confirmed the news, she was light on details, but did clarify that her new husband was not Matt, but a businessman who's identity the couple wanted to keep private for the time being. As in the couple of weeks since the news broke, Kenya has shared more information about her new husband and their nuptials. For all of the RHOA fans out there, here's a list of everything you need to know about Kenya's surprise wedding.

As People reports, filming for the next season of RHOA hasn't started yet, so it doesn't seem like we'll get to see the ceremony on an upcoming episode of RHOA unless she pulls a Luann D'Agostino and uses home footage. However, Kenya has done a few interviews recently and she shared plenty of information with fans who are curious about her wedding. From the designer of her dress and who was in attendance, to the couple's plans on starting a family and whether or not Kenya's husband will appear on an upcoming episode of RHOA. Read on for all the juicy details.

1. Her New Husband's Name Is Marc Daly

According to People, Kenya's husband's name is Marc Daly. Kenya spoke to People and explained why she initially decided to keep Marc's name out of the headlines. "He didn’t sign up for this world, I did," Kenya said. "Every time someone has been associated with me, they attack that person — immediately going after them… He just wanted it to be about our pure love and not about him."

2. Kenya & Marc Met Through Fellow Bravo Star Chef Roblé Ali

Chef Roblé of Bravo's Chef Roblé & Co. revealed on Instagram that he introduced Kenya and Marc.

3. The Couple Wanted A Simple Wedding

"We wanted something simple and not overly complicated," Kenya told People. She also said that Marc "didn’t want something for show. He didn’t want it to be left up to other people's interpretation of love."

4. Kenya & Marc Got Married On June 10, 2017

June has historically been the most popular month for couples to get married.

5. The Ceremony Was On A Beach In St. Lucia

According to People, Kenya and Marc also had a "mini honeymoon" in St. Lucia after their wedding. "They really welcomed us on that island and treated us like royalty," Kenya told the publication.

6. It Doesn't Seem Like Her Fellow Real Housewives Were In Attendance

Kenya told People, “We do plan on having a large wedding for all of our friends and family next June, so we’ll have everyone there."

7. Kenya Wore A Dress By Pallas Couture

Kenya worked with dressmaker Pallas Couture, who designed the gown especially for her, People reports.

8. Kenya's BFF Brandon DeShazer Walked Her Down The Aisle

Brandon gave Kenya away since Kenya's father was celebrating his birthday in Jamaica and couldn't make it to the ceremony, according to People.

9. Their First Dance Was To “They Don’t Know” By Jon B.

Kenya apparently chose the song because Marc saw her for who she really was, not the "heightened personality" viewers see on television.

10. It Was A Last-Minute Elopement

"It was so last-minute," Kenya said of her decision to elope.

11. Kenya & Marc Want To Start A Family

When asked whether or not she and Marc plan to have children, Kenya told People that they definitely want to have a child. "We both want to start a family and soon," she explained, "like, right away."

12. There Will Be Another Wedding Next Year

As noted above, Kenya has said that she and Marc want to have a second wedding ceremony next June that extended family members and friends would be able to attend.

13. Marc Might Appear On RHOA

The juiciest news that came from Kenya's interviews with People is that she isn't against Marc appearing on RHOA. "I think we have to make that decision together if the opportunity comes," she said. "I’m sure we will make the right decision. But right now, I’m enjoying being a bride and a newlywed."

Obviously, her new marriage is going to be part of her storyline on the upcoming season of RHOA, and it looks like fans might be able to meet Marc on the show, as well. Filming for the new season is expected to begin soon, so it seems unlikely that Kenya and Marc's second wedding next June will be part of it, but who knows — maybe she'll get a wedding special on Bravo.