This Subscription Box Delivers Sheet Masks To You Every Month For $5

Courtesy FaceTory

Here at Bustle, we're avid fans of the sheet mask. Pop by any one of the Beauty Editors' Instagram stories on a Sunday and you're likely to find us lounging around, with masks draped over our faces and cups of our nighttime beverage of choice in hand. So, to share our love with the rest of the beauty world, we teamed up with FaceTory, a monthly Korean skin care subscription service, to create two boxes filled with Bustle-approved sheet masks — and you can snag them both right now.

If you're already a FaceTory subscriber, you know there are two different price point options available: The FOUR-Ever FRESH kit is about $5 per month, and includes four sheet masks great for skin care beginners that are delivered right to your door. Then there's the Seven Lux kit, which is about $14 per month and comes with seven sheet masks that are a little more advanced — think multi-step masks and hydrogels. The Bustle x FaceTory collab will span across both levels, so it'll end up in the hands of all the site's subscribers. Or, you can purchase a one-off kit for $9 and $20, respectively.

Courtesy FaceTory

To choose the masks we ultimately wanted in the boxes, Bustle editors tested out 25 masks each from FaceTory. After a super hard week of doing one or two masks per day, each member of the team had their favorites that ranged in effect from moisturizing, to brightening, to soothing, and everything in between. Check out a few of our selections for the boxes below, then head over to FaceTory to pick a box up for yourself.

Oseque Dual Bubble Toctoc Mask

A major reason why West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor Sara Tan picked this mask is because of how fun it is to use. "Just a few minutes after putting it on, expect your face to be covered in bubbles," she says. But the mask isn't just fun; it's also functional: It contains salicylic acid, which can help kill the bacteria that causes acne.

Meg Two Step Jelly Mask

Another fun one to use, you start this treatment by smoothing a swab soaked in lactic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid that can make your skin feel softer by gently exfoliating) all over your face, then applying a hydrating sheet mask to help lock it all in. "The pair together are basically like giving yourself a mini facial," Fashion & Beauty Features Editor Amanda Richards says.

Lyajin 1 Day 1 Mask Pack, Watery Light

If you prefer a less complicated sheet mask experience, Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor Katie Dupere's pick might be more up your alley. This mask is high in antioxidants, has a fresh scent, and, as Dupere says, "is relaxing and hydrating AF."

Leaders Insolution Juicy Piña Colada Bright Mask

"This mask made me feel like I was on a tropical island," Fashion & Beauty Editor Olivia Muenter says. "Would be perfect for vacation!" In addition to smelling incredible, the mask contains hydrating pineapple extract and coconut water.

NO:HJ Modeling Mask Serum Chrysanthemum

Senior Fashion Market Editor Gabrielle Prescod picked perhaps the most extra mask of all: one that looks like solid gold. Not only is the sheet itself golden, but the serum contains gold extracts, which Allure reported may help with skin elasticity and hydration. "TBH the reason I wanted to do this mask is because it's gold on the side and I love chrysanthemums, but I was very into the results," Prescod says. "[The mask] was dripping in serum!"

Rose Heart Deep-Moisturizing Pink Mask

As someone with skin that leans dry, my favorite type of masks are the ones that really hydrate. The second step on this one is a leave-on moisturizer that continues to hydrate as you sleep. I'm also a huge fan of the color pink, and couldn't get over how cute the heart-shaped eye holes are on this mask. As a final bonus, this mask has a lovely rose scent that made me feel like I was in a fancy spa.

The Bustle x FaceTory box is only available in June until supplies last, so head on over to to snag your own!