This Clothing Brand Takes Plastic Bottles Out Of The Ocean & Makes Them Into Swimsuits

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Fair Harbor

Nothing kills a Instagram-worthy beach moment like some garbage floating in the water, and this brand wants to change that. Fair Harbor creates swimsuits from plastic bottles found in oceans, so you can swim in and save the place you love at the same time. Because the only thing floating in the water should be you — and a fabulous swimsuit.

The typical bathing suit is made from nylon, spandex, polyester or a combination of the three. Then there are those made by recycled polyester. Fair Harbor makes theirs from water bottles floating in Haiti. The bottles are collected, shredded, spun, and then weaved into durable, water-resistant swimwear.

“Our goal with Fair Harbor was to create the best boardshorts on the planet while doing our part to keep the oceans we love clean from plastic waste," co-founder Jake Danehy says on the website.

The brand started out creating exclusively boardshorts, but has now branched into swimwear for women as well. The brand offers tons of prints and styles that will make you feel good about what you wear. Each one is available exclusively on the Fair Harbor website and range from $56 for separates to $98 for one-pieces.

That's a small price to pay to save the oceans.

Courtesy Fair Harbor

The brand was started by the brother-sister duo Jake and Caroline Danehy. Both are in their 20s and on a mission to create better bathing suits and a cleaner planet. The two are inspired by their home of Fire Island, where the waves are near and the dress code is barefoot.

According to the website, the idea for Fair Harbor started after seeing more and more plastic wash up on shore. Instead of just cleaning up their favorite beach, they decided to help on a bigger scale. The two now create an full range of sustainable and thoughtful bathing suits for everyone.

This is more than just a trend. According to the brand, each bathing suit is intended to last. You know, so you don't have to go creating more waste by buying a new bathing suit every year. Whether you're just hanging out at the pool or riding the waves on a surfboard, these swimsuits were made for you.

Courtesy Fair Harbor

Visit any beach and it's clear that the plastic problem is real. According to, eight million metric tons of plastic is thrown into the ocean every single year. There are five major massive patches of plastic in the world as well — including one between California and Hawaii that is as big as the state of Texas.

Some of those plastics are big, like the bottles that are collected, and small. Think: tiny little microfibers that can't even be collected. While you can do your part by recycling and choosing to go plastic free, clothing brands like this make your wardrobe meaningful as well. After all, some of that plastic could be coming from your closet.

Not everyone has the time to go on beach cleanups or are able to travel to a faraway beach to help make a difference in the cleanup effort. Heck, some people live so far away from the beach that it's easy to ignore the problem. Fair Harbor makes it easy to get involved. After all, you're probably already on the hunt for a new swimsuit.

Courtesy Fair Harbor

Snapping that beach selfie might be the highlight of your summer, but what you wear to the beach is even more important. Not to mention that you can spread the word about the cleanup effort whenever people as you what you're wearing. That is the power of fashion, my friends.