Fake Tear Makeup Is The Newest Insta Trend You…

There are certain trends out there that prove makeup is just as much of an artistic outlet as it is a tool to feel more confident. Nothing proves that more than the new fake tear makeup trend blowing up on Instagram. Rather than trying to make the wearer seem polished and perfectly put together, makeup artists are intentionally drawing on realistic looking tears that have dried on immaculately made up cheeks.

"Makeup artists have been creating fake tears out of gloss and face paint. This is not to be confused with glitter tears, which has also had its Instagram moment and runway appearance. Instead, this tear makeup looks incredibly real and so right," Allure reported.

For all those times you wept inside a bathroom stall at the club because that one extra drink got your emotions all amplified, here is the proof your mascara streaked face was beautiful regardless. If you're wondering where you would wear a style like this, it can be said that it's not for the faint of heart. It's a very avant garde and playful look, but if you're in the mood to test drive it yourself it can definitely work for a music festival or a long night out on the weekend. The possibilities are endless and all up to you!

So how can you create it in your own bathroom? It might look complicated, but it's deceptively easy! According to Allure, the go-to medium is clear lipgloss. But be warned: The stuff doesn't dry and has a tendency to get all over your face if you accidentally swipe at the tear. Another option is to try water-activated face paints since they dry clear and will stay put the whole day. You won't have greasy smears all over your face that way. But the true beauty in the look comes from all the cool different ways you can interpret it.

The coolest ones floating around the social media platform revolve around out-of-the-box eye makeup, where you have pigments splattered Pollock-like across the eyelid, or the eye is ringed in geometric shapes and white mascara. But you can just as easily do it with a smoky eye and add a single trailing tear for a dramatic effect.

Play with your makeup bag and see what you can come up with — sometimes it's fun to get creative!