You Could Get Paid £75 An Hour To Tutor A Child Dressed As Hogwarts Teachers

by Aoife Hanna
Harry Potter/Warner Bros

Getting kids interested in learning can be hard work, especially if it's an area they are struggling with. One tried and tested method (if it can be afforded) is to get outside help in the form of a tutor. Thing is, though, anyone who has had a little extra tutelage in the past will be the first to tell you — an extra hour or two of learning is boring AF. I mean, if school weren't bad enough, now you have to sit through, like, uber school. So news that one family are looking for a Harry Potter tutor for their child that will dress up like Hogwart's famous professors is a bit of a game changer.

So, the news comes from the London-based tutoring agency Tutor House. The parents of the 11-year-old boy emailed the site directly as opposed to contacting tutors independently. Which is understandable because, y'all, this is quite a niche request.

The kid is struggling with science in particular, so his parents came up with the (pretty imaginative) idea to translate scientific subjects into a language he can understand. The magical language of Harry Potter and his alma mater Hogwarts, that is.

So the tutor would be expected to dress accordingly for each subject. For example, when it came to chemistry, sporting all black like a certain grumpy potions teacher would be ideal. In terms of biology, a jolly hockey-sticks Professor Sprout would fit the bill, with her expertise in herbology. Last but not least, the tutor would be expected to dress as Professor Hooch for flying lessons — or physics to you and me. The family has also asked that the tutor brings props such as "wands, quills, and other wizarding student accessories" to lessons. Wow. That's one lucky kid.

BTW, I just want to add that this isn't a joke. I know, this is pretty shocking, but it's also 100 percent real.

According to the parents, they want someone who is going to go full method acting on this role. Their email to the tutoring company read:

"We want someone who will put 100 percent effort into the lessons, basically transforming our kitchen into Hogwarts!"

Of course, the parents are aware that they are asking a lot of their potential new tutor. They acknowledged this in their email, and have offered a payment to match their incredibly unique HP-themed request: "This is obviously something that would take a lot of time and effort, so we are willing to pay the right candidate £75 an hour for their work."

Holy eff, that is a lot of dough. Bet you're starting to think about your own scientific abilities right now, aren't you? Well, if you are a science graduate with a penchant for am-dram, this is your perfect new job.

Not any old Joe can apply for this role, though. No siree. Not only do you have to be an expert in the Harry Potter world, but the parents have specified hat you need at least four years' tutoring or teaching experience to make the cut.

Best get studying then.