This Could Be A Major Clue That Taylor Swift Has A New Album Coming

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Friday sent the Swiftie portion of the internet into a meltdown of speculation that Taylor Swift will announce an album. Her thousands of tweets disappeared, her Instagram went blank, and her Facebook picture disappeared, too. So does this mean that something big is on the horizon for the "Bad Blood" singer, like, potentially, a new record?

After spending several months out of the spotlight, Swift reemerged in August to testify in her, now victorious, sexual assault case against DJ David Mueller. However, her recent actions suggest that there may be more to come from the 27-year-old entertainer in the realm of music. On Friday morning, fans went into a complete frenzy after noticing that Swift had deleted all of her Instagram posts, along with her profile pic on the social media site. To make things more suspicious, she deleted all her tweets, too, with all of her social media channels suddenly going dark.

The entire ordeal has led fans to the speculation that there may be some type of big announcement on the way. It's worth noting that today, Aug. 18, marks three-year anniversary of Swift's 1989 album announcement. The timing would certainly be perfect as Swift has not released a studio album since 1989's release in 2014. Since her abrupt absence from the limelight, Swifites have been anxiously awaiting the release of new music from the entertainer.

As fans continue to remain on standby, the Twitter-verse has sparked a full on investigation into the matter. And while many seem to be certain that an album announcement is in the works, the anticipation appears to literally be driving them wild. Some of the reactions to the Taylor Swift blackout are simply priceless:

One user is literally terrified to fall asleep out of fear that she'll miss the announcement.

After learning that all of Swift's social accounts have gone blank, one fan shakingly alerted that #TS6IsComing.

While no one really knows what to make of the recent social media shut down, it appears that there is definitely something brewing in Swift's camp as the mass hysteria continues to ensue from fans. We'll be sure to keep you posted as the news progresses, but until then, stay strong, Swifties.