Fanny-Pack Crocs Are A Thing Literally No One Asked For


When they first came out, Crocs were a practical shoe that you didn't wear for fashion purposes. How times have changed. The shoe brand now has a slew of collaborations with top designers, making it a clog to look out for. The new Beams x Crocs collaboration is no exception.

The capsule collection is going to drop a whopping 10 different designs, bringing you funky new shoes to play with this spring season. Beams is a Japanese contemporary brand based in Tokyo, and it dishes up everything from streetsyle looks to minimalist outfits. The collection with Crocs has a bunch of off-kilter designs, including Crocs with visors. But the fanny pack option is the stand out piece.

The fanny pack clogs are called "Pocket" clogs, and they are offered in two attention-grabbing colors: Ultraviolet, which is a bright purple, and Tropical Teal, which is a bright blue-green hue. Each option gets a fanny pack in the opposite color, and each of the pouches are branded with the companies' logos. The fun doesn't end there, though, and the shoes also have rhinestone Jibbitz charms decorating the foot.

The bum bags are conveniently attached to the back of the shoe, right on the strap. If you prefer the pouch on the front, all you have to do is move the back strap to the front, giving you options on how to wear the bag.

These shoes are genius because they offer you a small pocket to carry small essential items in. And knowing how women's clothes are and their stubborn lack of pockets, these clogs can save you from wearing a bag some days. You can store everything from your keys to your credit card in the handy pouch, freeing up your hands and shoulders. The clogs are available for $53+ and are sold on Beams' Japanese site.

Not everyone will appreciate these shoes, especially considering how out of left-field they are. But as Business Insider reported, ugly-fashion is what's helping a lot of brands make a comeback. "Ugly products have become so ironic that they're now trendy, thanks to designer brands launching their own ugly clothing items," Business Insider shared. "It's an excellent marketing ploy — these unappealing products with large price tags create a backlash and subsequent buzz on social media."

Crocs is no newcomer when it comes to peddling ugly fashion. The shoe brand has had a handful of high-profile collaborations that came up with weird and buzz-worthy silhouettes. In 2017 Crocs teamed up with Balenciaga to create platform clogs that cost a whopping $850, and they sold out within hours.

More recently, Crocs also collaborated with Post Malone and brought forth a shoe that was made in the rapper's vision. The clog was decorated with Post Malone's devil Posty Co. logo, and had Jibbitz that represented his music, albums, and tattoos. That particular collection sold out in 10 minutes.

Love it or hate it, Crocs comes up with some envelope-pushing designs. The fanny pack clog is just one funky silhouette out of many. The shoe just might tempt you to join in on the tongue-in-cheek fun.